5 Projects You Really Shouldn’t DIY

We all love the thought of being able to do DIY projects ourselves. The problem is without the proper tools and expertise DIY can go badly wrong and end up costing you a fortune. From wallpaper installation to pest control, here are our top jobs you shouldn’t DIY.


Wallpaper installation

There’s more to hanging wallpaper than just sticking it down. Here are other things that could affect the wallpaper for example, the moisture levels in a room, the amount of sunlight as well as the wall itself. A Kandua professional will be able to finish your wallpaper installation correctly the first time, saving you time and money.


Exterior painting

Painting a feature wall in your home is one thing but painting the walls outside your home or office is another challenge altogether. You need special paint, secure ladders, rollers and brushes, and the skills to stand on a ladder for hours and paint consistently. Botching the job on your first attempt will set you back thousands of rands. Your best bet is to hire a pro.


Junk removal

Removing garden waste and junk is not as easy as it seems. For smaller loads, getting your friend with a bakkie to help might be enough but for the bigger jobs such as furniture, or building rubble a professional is the way to go. Not only will you save time and effort but you don’t risk damaging your vehicle during the trip. Professionals also know the correct way to dispose of junk.


Paving your driveway

How hard can laying a few bricks be right? Wrong. The driveway needs to be measured in detail, everything from the angles, to the bricks to the stones. The slightest mistake or positioning error will set you back by days not to mention the financial cost. Rather hire a pro – your driveway will be done faster, look much better and last much longer.


Pest control

They are called pests for a reason. When it comes to these small creatures, do not attempt to tackle the problem yourself. Pest infestations can cause serious damage to your property, and in severe cases, contaminate your home. Hire a pest control pro to make sure your infestation is removed thoroughly and safely.