Kandua built in cupboards prices

Built-In Cupboards Prices

Built-in cupboards can help you create more space, enhance your organization and create a cohesive look that will really make this area of your home pop. Do you know what built-in cupboard prices are?

Labour per hour

R 450 – R 700

Standard built-in cupboards

R 1 800 – R 3 500

Custom built-in cupboards

R 6 000 +

Please note that these prices are an estimate and depend on various factors.

The benefits of built-in cupboards

Customised storage space – the goal of built-in cupboards is to provide you with the ideal storage solution. By working with the dimensions of your available space, you can create a unique storage configuration that makes the most of your space. This will give you the freedom to store everything you need without compromising on style or functionality.

It is easier to clean – because built-in cupboards fit into the wall you don’t have to worry about moving heavy furniture around while trying to clean.

Design – if you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen without doing a full renovation, custom-made cupboards are a great option. You can choose the colour scheme, finishing, materials, and door handles to match your overall kitchen design. Built-in cupboards can easily blend into an existing design to give you a modern and sophisticated kitchen without having to start from scratch.

Various design options

There are many design options for built-in cupboards, and the best option for your home will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you need a lot of storage space, you might want to consider a design with multiple shelves and drawers.

If you want the cupboards to blend in with your existing décor, you might want to choose a design that matches the style of your home. Built-in cupboards can be made from a variety of materials, so you can also choose one that matches the rest of your home’s décor.

Finding a professional

When requesting a quotation from your preferred built-in cupboard supplier make sure to ask about their installation costs, what is included, and what is excluded. This will allow you to better budget and compare built-in cupboards prices across suppliers to choose the best process for your project.  Kandua has 100s of pros that can provide and install built-in cupboards. All you need to do is:
  • Answer some questions about the job
  • Share your contact details so no more than 5 Pros can contact you directly
  • You’ll be contacted with quotes or a request for more info by affordable, experienced and trusted Pros
  • Read their online reviews
Remember, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option, especially with built-in cupboards. Stick to these tips, and take into account, the entire package, Pro reviews, your experience in dealing with them and then, of course, the price.  Want to have a look at cupboards before they are installed? Visit Leroy Merlin and view their extensive range.
  • Find a pro in your area: Johannesburg built in cupboards prosPretoria built in cupboards prosCape Town built in cupboards prosDurban built in cupboards pros
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