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How Much Does a Garden Service Cost?

Garden services have the expertise to grow and maintain a thriving garden and also have the tools and equipment to carry the work out, but how much does a garden service cost?

Small garden ( less than 750m2 ) R275 - R350 per day
Medium garden ( 750m2 - 1 500m2 ) R350 - R500 per day
Large gardens ( 1 500m2 or more ) R500 - R675 per day

While garden maintenance is a necessity for almost every home, not every homeowner has the time and skills to adequately care for a garden. This is where the help of a garden service becomes necessary. Each garden will be carefully assessed in order to compile an accurate quotation. Some gardens will require a higher amount of care and attention than others, or may need an initial highly intensive clean-up to get it back into shape.

Basic garden maintenance consists of weeding, cutting and edging the lawn, weeding the garden beds, raking, sweeping, and trimming of small shrubs.

Benefits of hiring a garden service

As a homeowner you do not want to be saddled with the responsibility of hiring a casual worker for your garden.  It may work out cheaper, but then you are saddled with employment contracts, providing meals and arranging for garden refuse removal.  Security is also a consideration as you allow someone access to your property.  And lastly, the maintenance of equipment.  Here are some benefits of hiring a garden service:

  • Quick – it normally takes about an hour or less.
  • Supervised – no one is left to their own devices on your property.
  • Own equipment – no purchase or maintenance costs.
  • Removes garden refuse – no time spent at the municipal dump.
  • Trained – each gardener moves efficiently at the task he is allocated to, delivering the same standards at each visit.
  • Staff administration falls to the company owner.

Additional costs with a garden service

Pruning – often, there is no additional charge for the pruning of small trees, but any extensive pruning will come at an additional cost. Basic pruning of roses is done in July or August. Roses can also be fertilised and sprayed at this time. 


Fertilising – lawns and flower beds need to be fertilised at least twice a year, in spring and autumn.  

Top dressing of lawns – warm season lawns need to be top dressed annually, depending on the lawn’s exact requirements.  It must be noted that this top dressing is done with a mixture of soil and compost and as such it is fairly sandy. 

Additional maintenance services – in some instances, gardens may require extra maintenance. This could be on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis.  

Additional plants – if additional planting is required or an upgrade is needed for an existing garden (partial or complete), you will require an additional quote. 

Tips from our Pros

Get a quote before hiring and make sure you ask about any additional costs. Some companies claim to have no hidden expenses, but it is always worth asking just in case. Keep a copy of the quote and have it available when paying for the service. Make sure the prices match so that you are getting the best value for money.

Have a complete idea of what you want to get out of the service. Don’t let the company trick you into hiring services you don’t actually need. Write a thorough list before hiring a professional gardening service so that you are clear on your expectations. Try to be present and available when the team members are working so that they can ask you any questions and clarify your needs. 

Ask for advice and recommendations on how to keep up your gardening requirements after the services are complete. Professional companies and their team gardening experts are filled will a wealth of knowledge on keeping gardens clean and tidy. Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips and pointers on how you can keep your garden in tip top shape.

Finding the right Pro

You want to get the best value for your money and you want to ensure you can trust the team working on your garden. It would be terrible if you paid for a company to come and take care of your garden only to find damage had occurred and you needed to pay extra to have things fixed. 

Kandua has reviewed and vetted Pros waiting to assist you!

All you need to do is:

  • Answer some questions about the job
  • Share your contact details so no more than 5 Pros can contact you directly
  • You’ll be contacted with quotes or a request for more info by affordable, experienced and trusted Pros
  • Read their online reviews

Choose the Pro that best suits your requirements. Then invite your Pro to view your garden so you an discuss the details of what you need. 

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