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How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

If you’re in the market for finding an interior designer, you will have noticed that their services and costs vary quite a bit. The interior designer cost depends on the designer and their price structure. There are a few main pricing models that interior designers use to cost a job. Keep in mind they could use one of these or a combination. The nature of work will often determine the route they go. 

The average junior interior designer cost is between R180.00 – R300.00 per hour
The average senior interior designer cost is between R300.00 – R650.00 per hour

How Do Interior Designers Charge?

  • Per hour – Depending on the type of work required, an interior designer might choose to charge you per hour. This is often the case with smaller jobs that involve more of a consulting or advisory role. 
  • Per project – The interior designer may choose to look at the project as a whole and charge you a flat rate for the job. They will then, of course, specify what that flat rate will entail. It could include advice, planning, execution, project management. This is something they will out with you beforehand.
  • Commission based – Interior designers spend years building good relationships with their suppliers. One of the ways they might choose to price on a job is to arrange the furniture, fabrics, lights etc at a discounted price from suppliers and then mark up the difference as a cost to you. 
  • A percentage – Alternatively, a designer maybe looks at the overall project and charge a percentage of the cost of the overall job as their fee. For example, they might work out the overall costs of furniture, contractors, materials and supplies and then charge a % of that total budget as their design fee.

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Factors Affecting The Interior Designer Cost

When determining an interior designer cost, there a few basic factors that can influence the design quote. 

The size of the project – The nature of the project is probably the most important factor determining the interior designer cost. If you’re planning on a small redesign such as converting a room into a home office or sprucing up your bedroom then your interior design cost won’t be through the roof. However, if you’re planning on giving your entire home a complete overhaul then your quote will be much higher. 

The scope of the project – The more complex the job, the higher the interior designer cost will be. If you’re hiring an interior designer for advice on colour swatches, fabrics and your lighting options then your interior designer will generally quote for the hours involved for the consultation and design. But, if you need the interior designer to also purchase the furniture, fabrics, and accessories plus coordinate with electricians, contractors, etc your quote will be much higher. 

Your budget – Ultimately, the cost of your interior design job depends on your budget. How much can you actually afford to spend? Interior designers can analyse your budget and tell you what they can achieve within your financial parameters. They’ll also be able to advise on what you can do immediately and what you can put on hold.

Hiring The Best Interior Designer Pros

When you’re looking at hiring an interior designer we highly recommend getting more than one quote. has a list of trusted, experienced and affordable interior designers all over South Africa that are perfect for the job. You can get multiple quotes in 1 minute or less. 

  • Firstly, answer some questions about the job.
  • Secondly, give us your contact details so that pros can contact you directly.
  • Then you’ll receive quotes from affordable, experience and trusted renovation pro.
  • Read their online reviews.

After you receive quotes from pros, you can select the designer that best suits your requirements. You can also invite them to have a virtual or in-person inspection of your home. This will help them get a better understanding of the job requirements. 

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