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How Much Does A Landscaper Cost?

Hiring a landscaper is a great way to increase the value of your home and get more enjoyment out of your garden and home. Do you know how much a landscaper cost? Depending on the type of landscaping you want, a landscaper might charge you by the hour or per project.

Landscaper cost for maintenance work ranges between R800.00 – R1500.00 (depending on the size of the yard)
Services include: Lawn cutting, edging, weeding, sweeping or blowing, flower bed digging, hedge trimming. 

Cost for medium-range landscaping is between R2000.00 – R8000.00 Services include: Shaping flower beds, transplanting, planting new plants, lawn patching, and replacement of dead plants.

A complete landscaping overhaul costs between R8000.00 – R28000.00 Services include: Landscape design, planting or removing trees, and structures, planting trees and new flowers. 

The Two Main Types Of Landscaping 


Hardscaping is any type of landscape design/work that isn’t a plant, tree or living thing. Essentially, hardscaping involves erecting fences, building patios and walls, pergolas, paving, decorative stones and any other types of garden fixtures like water features. 

The initial landscaper cost associated with hardscaping is a bit higher than softscaping but involves less maintenance so it’s generally a once of cost. 

work cost of hardscaping projects depends on the scope of your project and even where you live. Below are some national average prices of common hardscapes you might be considering.


Softscaping is the maintenance and design of plant life in your garden. These include tree trimming, tree removal, planting grass or flowers, cutting and watering grass and any other plant life care. 

The landscaper cost for softscaping isn’t as much as hardscaping. But, because plant life requires regular maintenance, depending on what you’ve done, the costs could become a bit high.

Trimmed hedges with red flowers in background

Factors Influencing The Landscaper Cost 

In addition to the styles and features you choose, there are other factors that can impact the price you’ll pay for landscaping. These factors include:

The size of the project

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the garden or property, the higher the landscaper cost. Bigger gardens mean more maintenance, more labour and more materials needed to do the job. 

Maintenance Requirements

If your landscaping job is going to include work that involves lots of regular maintenance then the landscaping company will charge more. If you’re going with a low maintenance style with lots of cactus and easy to maintain plants then your quote will be less.

Time of year

Landscaping prices are generally the same throughout the year, the demand for landscaping services ebbs and flows. If you contact a landscaping company in the colder months, they may be willing to offer a discount if they are not very busy. Depending on your landscaping project, the time of year may impact when you can start the job or how long it will take. 

The Materials You Use

Choose your landscaping materials carefully. Some flowers, trees and plants cost more than others and also last longer. This will also impact how much the landscaper cost will be. In addition, if you choose to add paving, pebbles or a water feature this too will increase your landscaping quote.

Two birds splashing on either side of a water fountain

Finding The Right Landscaper

Now that you’ve given more thought to what type of landscaping you want and what features you want to include in your landscaping project – it’s time to find the best landscaper for the job, Luckily for you – Kandua has 100s of landscapers that can get the job done. 

Here are our top tips to help you find the right pro for your landscaping:

  • Give the landscaper as much information as possible. The more details they have the more efficiently they can quote on the job and also offer their professional advice.
  • Once you’ve gotten quotes from different landscapers – you can look up their profiles on Kandua and read their reviews and see pictures of their work. 
  • Read the quote carefully. Make sure you double-check everything so you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to. 

Remember, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option. Stick to these tips, and take into account, the entire package, pro reviews, your experience in dealing with them and then, of course, the cost. 

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