How Much Does Rubble Removal Cost?

South African Average  R1 100
Price Range per load R800 – R1 300
Smaller Load R700 – R900
Medium Load R900 – R1 100
Large Load R1 100 – R1 300

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It’s very easy to gather heaps of junk, or rubble that needs to be removed. Whether it’s from a renovation, garden or landscaping work or perhaps you’ve just accumulated a large amount of items you no longer have a need for. Rubble removal entails the removal of larger items (e.g., appliances, tires, pianos, garden refuse etc.). Usually it requires two or more people to move. The rubble should be disposed of responsibly at designated rubbish disposal sites.

Luckily for you, there are professional rubble removal services you can hire to collect and dispose of all your unwanted rubble. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what your needs are in order to hire a rubble removal specialist who is perfect for the job. Rubble Removal professionals listed on Kandua have been background checked and are committed to getting the job done. 

Rubble removal experts will charge you based on the following:

  • Items that you need removed
  • The distance from your home or office to the removal site
  • How many loads it will take and how much labour and time will be needed.

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Four cost affecting factors:

    • The Type Of Rubble: The kind of rubbish that you need removed is a huge factor. For example, disposing of an old washing machine will be a different process to garden refuse or rubble from a home renovation. The items go to different places and may require more or less labour and time to remove.
    • The Distance: The distance between your location, and the rubbish disposal site will all impact the cost. The greater the distance the higher the fee will be. Most professionals will include transport costs into their fees but it still gets accounted for. 
    • Load Amount:  The number of loads the rubble remover needs to do is one of the biggest factors. How many trips are needed to remove all your junk/waste? The more loads, the higher the price. What if you only have one load but the contents need different methods of disposing?  You may be bale to fit everything in one load but those items are in different categories. A washing machine and your garden rubbish could fit in one load but as they are going to different destinations, this might also affect the price.
    • Labour: If a rubble removal jobs takes more than the standard allocated time, or needs more tradesmen to complete the job, the fee will go up. If there are more professionals needed and they take longer to load up the rubbish, then they will charge more for the job.


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