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What Is The Average Thatched Roof Price

Determining the exact thatched roof price without knowing the measurements, the type of building to be thatched, the type of materials used. We have spoken to the top thatching Pros on our platform and have out together a rough square meter cost to thatch your roof. The thatched roof price is a small one to pay for a long lasting, durable and beautiful looking roof. While thatched roofs might be more expensive than tiled. The average lifespan can be up to 4 x longer making it a worthwhile investment. 

The average thatch installation price is between R600.00 and R800.00 per square meter

Factors Affecting The Cost To Thatch A Roof


The price to install a thatch roof from scratch is higher than replacing a thatch roof. Mainly because there is a lot more preparation needed to get the roof ready for thatching.  The existing oof will need to be stripped, and framed for extra support 

The size of the job

As with any contracting or construction type job. The size of the job is basically the main cost affecting factor. The bigger and more complex the job is, the more labour will be required, the higher the price will be. Large jobs also require more materials which will increase the thatch roof price.

The design 

When deciding on the design of the thatch roof keep in mind that the more decorative and complex the design is, the more the thatch roof will cost you. Decide if you need the eaves to be wholly or partly stripped and whether you intend having the whole roof wired or just the ridge and what shape or style you want the roof to be. 

Materials used

There are so many different types of thatching / grass materials that can be used when thatching a roof. A lot of these varieties are also dependent on the region. If you choose a variety from a region further away from you, the price of the thatch roof will be more. 


The same as with all roof types, the more extras you add onto the roof, the more expensive the quote will be. If you want to include a chimney or windows you will need to have the plans adjusted, you’ll need more materials and you will also need more labour to get the job done. All of these will increase the thatch roof cost. 

What Installing A Thatched Roof Entails

There is a lot of preparation involved to install a thatched roof from scratch. The existing roof needs to be stripped in order to attach the thatch to a wooden frame. A timble skeleton is then fixed to the roof. Once you’ve decided on the type of thatch, the thatch panels need to be attached to the timber roof frame. The thatch panels are then layered on top of each other until the whole roof is covered thoroughly. 

Pro tip: If you opt for double thatching then remember to double your measurements so you have enough thatch to complete the job. Our Pros also recommend adding on an extra 10% – 15% to allow for overhang or overlapping. 

How To Choose The Best Thatched Roof Pro?

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a thatch installation professional.

Get at least 3 quotes: The more quotes you get the more you will understand what the job entails and whether or not you are getting overcharged. 
Read Reviews: Look for pros with online reviews so you can find the best pros for the job. You’ll also get an idea of the quality of their workmanship. Thatching pros listed on all have online reviews.
Read the quote: Make sure you read the quote thoroughly. Read all the line items on the flooring quote so you know exactly what the deliverables and costs will be. 
Location: Flooring pros that work in near the area you live in will make the job a lot easier. has thatching pros in the following areas all over South Africa: Johannesburg thatch roof installation professionalCape Town thatch roof installation professionalPretoria thatch roof installation professionalDurban thatch roof installation professional

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