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How Much Do Washing Machine Repairs Cost?

Washing machines are expensive appliances which is why it’s better to repair them rather than replace them. The cost of a washing machine repair will depend entirely on the problem and the make of the machine. 

We’ve spoken to our top Kandua.com Pros to put together a cost guide for the most common washing machine repair issues and how much it costs to fix. 

The average washing machine repair cost is between R520.00 – R750.00.


Things That Affect Washing Machine Repair Costs

Onsite or offsite repair

If the issue is a relatively minor one, then companies will most likely charge a call-out fee and be able to fix the problem onsite. For larger, more complicated problems, the company might charge a flat rate to fix the issue. Depending on the availability of parts, it’s possible that repair companies will have to take the machine off-premises to complete the repair. 

How old is the washing machine

If the washing machine is good quality and it’s been serviced regularly, it can last well over 10 years. If the machine is more than 12 – 15 years old, it might be worth replacing the machine. 

If the washing machine repair cost is more than 60% of the cost to buy a new one, it might be worth buying a new one. 

The problem with the machine

If the problem with the washing machine is easy to fix then it’s worth the cost of repair. If the problem is complicated, you could run the risk of encountering more problems down the line. This is where it might be best to buy a new one. 

If plumbing is required

If the problem needs a plumber to inspect the washing machine or its installation the cost may be a lot higher. In addition to having an appliance repair person fix the problem, you might also have to pay for the cost of the plumber. 

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