Any job, any size, any lockdown level: Get it done with Kandua.

Essential services - Find a Kandua Pro now for any critical repairs & maintenance

DIY Coach - Find a Kandua Pro to guide you through any home issue over the phone

Learn to DIY - Watch our step by step video guides

Hire a Kandua Pro - Get quotes now for work to be done after lockdown

Disinfection Service - We offer home and office disinfection services

What Are Essential Services?

Essential services can continue to operate during the lockdown period, but restrictions apply and additional precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe work environment. 

These are the essential services Kandua can provide during the National State of Disaster.

You can view our essential services permit here.

Get Advice From A Pro

If you are tackling DIY projects at home, no one is better equipped to advise you than our Kandua Pros and the experts from Leroy Merlin. Our experienced Pros will walk you through your issues over the phone so that you can fix the problem yourself while staying safe at home. 

Learn To DIY

We put together DIY videos with tips and step-by-step guidance on DIY tasks in and around your home.

Hire A Kandua Pro

If you have a job that requires a non-essential service such as painters or carpenters, you can use the site as normal and get quotes to complete the job once the lockdown is lifted and the pros are able to work again. 

Residential & Commercial Disinfection Services

Disinfection services by Kandua is a leading commercial disinfection company. With offices all over the world, we have protected leading organisations using broad-spectrum viricide misting and fogging technology. Treatments can be applied on commercial and residential premises.

Our COVID-19 Response

Kandua fully supports the lockdown measures that have been put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa, and we are committed to playing our part. 

To protect you and our service providers, we will screen jobs posted on our platform to ensure the request is essential. We encourage you to request quotes for future projects, provided it does not require your Pro to visit your home during the lockdown period.

The health and safety of everyone in the Kandua community is our number one priority. If you require work done during the lockdown, we urge you to please only request essential services. Any other work would be in breach of government regulations.

What We're Doing To Be Safe

We are urging everyone to stay home, as much as is possible, especially if they are elderly, ill, or have a compromised immune system.

We are doubling our efforts to educate Pros on staying healthy, working safely when they need to, and steps they can take to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

What You Can Do To Be Safe

Ensure access to handwashing facilities for all service providers, even if the repairs are outside your home. Ask service providers to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds on arrival and again before leaving.

Clean frequently touched places (such as door handles and counters) with 

soap and water and then disinfect them with sanitizer or a simple home-made

bleach solution (1/2 a cup of bleach in 2 litres of water) before and after the

work is done. Your pro will be more than willing to help you here.

Ensure the correct use of protective equipment.

Avoid physical contact, and especially contact between service 

providers and anyone who has symptoms of illness or who has had 

contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.