How Dirty Is Your Home Really?

You clean your home once or twice a week – or even every day. But is that enough? Unfortunately not, it turns out that most of us haven’t been cleaning our houses properly and when it comes to hygiene, the rooms in our homes are covered in germs. We chatted to our cleaning pros regarding germ hot spots!

Your couch

Over time, your upholstery acts like a breeding ground for a wide range of harmful bacteria, leading to all sorts of allergies and illnesses. Without a professional upholstery cleaning, your favourite place of relaxation is most likely packed with all sorts of harmful germs.

Your carpets

A carpet is 4000 times dirtier than a toilet! And that goes for loose rugs too. Bit by bit it all adds up.  All the gross stuff breaks down, sinks to the bottom, and rots. And this is when we welcome bacteria. While regular vacuuming is a great first step, professional deep cleaning is a must.

Your mattress

The average adult sweats up to 200 000 litres a year in bed. That makes your mattress a warm, moist home for fungus and bacteria. Professionally cleaning your mattress is extremely important and should be done every three months as a minimum. 

The rest of your home

If you are shocked by the above, just know it doesn’t stop there. Door knobs, toilet seats, showers, and blinds (and that’s not all) are all germ hot spots! It is so important to ensure you get a professional in to bring a team and DEEP CLEAN your home at least twice a year.

It is important to note that a professional has the right cleaning equipment and products on hand, as well as the knowledge to best clean your home.

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