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10 Recently Hired Pros

4.97 β˜… from 56 reviews

Carpenter, Deck Specialist, Handyman +1 more
13 reviews
Usually 14.4km from Cape Town
I was renovating my kitchen, so I hired Noor and his team, and they installed a vinyl floor, countertops, and fixed broken doors for me. Their work is excellent, and I have no reason to complain. Noor and his team executed the job very well within the agreed time. I trust them because they did what we agreed on. Their work is up to standard, and I do not hesitate to recommend them.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Anwar Bobbs
Carpenter, Upholsterer
8 reviews
Usually 10.1km from Cape Town
He did bricklaying, partitioning, installed cupboards, and desks for me. He also designed my showroom, and I was impressed with his creativity. He is always on time, knowledgeable, and neat. His quality of work is outstanding. He is professional and reliable. I do not hesitate to use his services in the future.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Honest Nyahuma
Carpenter, Handyman, Plumber +1 more
7 reviews
His services are excellent and I was very happy. He is a professional and I would recommend him to other people.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Roofer, Deck Specialist
5 reviews
Usually 9.2km from Cape Town
His work is very good, a professional carpenter. I was impressed with the quality and finishing and it was not even costly.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Door Specialist, Handyman +1 more
8 reviews
I was renovating my house, so I hired Micheal, and he installed 7 doors at my house. He did a good job and was satisfied with his excellent services. I find him to be a trustworthy person because I left him working alone at my house, and I never missed anything. Micheal pays attention to details, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
3 reviews
Tawanda upholstered my sleeper couch, dining room chairs, repaired my dining table, He made me a TV unit, a lovely velvet headboard among other things. The amazing thing that he did for me was, I had a wall unit that I could not get into my flat and he had to break it in half and put it together again once it was inside my flat. His quality of work is amazing and my sister even gave him some work after seeing the work that he had done for me. I can still recommend him to anyone who may need his services.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Werner Becker
3 reviews
He is a very professional person and does a wonderful job I can highly recommend him. I was happy with the work he did for me.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Tawanda Mwakisyala
Carpenter, Waterproofer, Plumber +1 more
3 reviews
I can highly recommend him to anyone, his services are good, and his charges are flexible for negotiations. I am a caretaker of a flat so whatever services that need to be taken care of in regards to the flat, I am the one who finds the services providers. Tawanda did plastering, painting, and he is reliable. He comes on time, he communicates when he is not available, and he is professional.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
3 reviews
He did a fantastic job for me. My book shelf was not an ordinary one, i wanted him to make it to certain specific measurements and design because i wanted to fit it to a certain place. He went above and beyond to make sure he made it exactly the way i wanted. He even used an almost similar type of material and i was very impressed. I liked that he communicated very well throughout the whole process. He kept on updating me and sending me pictures of the progress. His work was really good value for money and i would recommend his work to anyone.
β€” in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Ceilings & Partitions Specialist, Roofer