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10 Recently Hired Pros

4.95 ★ from 64 reviews

Wilson Millias
Carpet Cleaner, Pest Control, Specialist Cleaner
27 reviews


I have made use of him for the past 3 years, and I still find his services to be of top quality. Wison comes after every 4 months to clean carpets at my house and my offices. He is very efficient, and his work does not have any comebacks. I trust him because most of the time, I leave him working alone, and I have never missed anything. His work is outstanding, and I can confidently recommend him.
Jeffery in Parktown, Johannesburg
Jimmy Mabogwana
Carpet Cleaner, Other
5 reviews


I have known Jimmy for almost 9 years and he has been a loyal and reliable person to work with. He is very committed to his job and he does it thoroughly. I never had any problems with him. Based on my experience, I do recommend him to anyone, he does an excellent job.
Samson in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Ernest Shirinda
Carpet Cleaner, Specialist Cleaner
3 reviews


He did carpet cleaning for me, and I was satisfied with his services. He did a very good job which was satisfactorily done. I explained everything to him, and he did just that. I would recommend his services to other people.
Cleo in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Charles Makombe
Carpet Cleaner
3 reviews


Charles is a wonderful worker who is diligent and observant. He is attentive to detail. He did carpet cleaning at my house and executed the job well. He was on time and delivered within the agreed time. His prices are reasonable and negotiable. He is an excellent service provider, and I can recommend his services.
Roshni in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Carpet Cleaner, Other
3 reviews


She is extremely excellent in her job. She is very committed. It's now three consecutive years using her cleaning services both at home and in our offices. She doesn't need to be managed, she knows her thing. She does the cleaning thoroughly hence we normally use her services twice a year. She is very professional and produces quality work. She did carpet cleaning at our house which is fully carpeted and at our office too. She can even go the extra mile cleaning extra offices for free. I highly recommend her services.
Khaya in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Eric Mathonsi
Carpet Cleaner, Specialist Cleaner, Painter + 1 more
3 reviews


He is extremely hardworking and he did a very nice and clean job for me, He even cleaned the place when he was done working. I did not have any problem with him.
Tiyni in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Euna mobile Cleaners
Carpet Cleaner, Pest Control, Specialist Cleaner + 1 more
3 reviews


I have made use of her services for the past 5 years, and I am always satisfied with her work. Eunice is the one who does spring cleaning at my house. She cleans the cupboards, windows, carpets, and walls for me. She is very good at what she does, and I have no negative comments. Her working ethics are great, and I can confidently recommend her services.
Lerato in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Walter Granger
Carpet Cleaner
4 reviews


Walter did a great job. He cleaned my carpets and my house. The work he did was amazing, he is professional, thorough and his team was amazing. The quote he gave me was market-related and I have no complaints. Walter had his own equipment so it didnt take him time to get the job done and I recommend him to other people.
Dee BARK  in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Mekkie Melusi Ngwenya
Carpet Cleaner, Specialist Cleaner, Flooring Specialist + 2 more
10 reviews


They cleaned my carpet very well. I was very satisfied with their work. They leave everything neat and tidy and they use good chemicals too. I can recommend them to anyone,
Busi in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Carpet Cleaner, Specialist Cleaner, Flooring Specialist
3 reviews


She does cleaning for us after finishing construction. She is skilled at work, and we are satisfied with her services. She is punctual, and her work is quick. Her prices are affordable. I can recommend her services.
Home lovers Construction in Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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Costs Involved In Installing Carpets

  • Number of rooms – Installing carpets in one big room is less expensive than laying down carpets in multiple rooms as their is less measuring, planning and cutting involved.
  • Shape of the room - Square rooms are easier to install carpets in than rooms that have more angles and sharp spaces.
  • Stairs - Installing carpets on stairs is time consuming, labour intensive and involves more materials so the carpet installation quote will be much higher and carpeting a bedroom for example.

Benefits Of Installing Carpets

  • Durability: If taken care of properly, carpets can last for years and still look immaculate.
  • Safety: Unlike tiles, that can be very slippery and rugs that can shift under your feet causing people to slip and fall, carpets are a much safer option.
  • Décor: Carpets come in so many textures, designs and colours which means that you will find a carpet that fits your décor perfectly.