Leoka Construction And Projects (renovations)
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Leoka Construction And Projects


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Flooring Specialist

Happy rating

Tidiness, Trustworthiness, Punctuality, Value, Workmanship

Description  He did my wooden flooring.

Feedback  Out of the endless list of things I loved about working with them is that he gave me good advice and he took his time to make sure that I understand everything. They were professional, the quotation and invoice were emailed promptly and the payments were made into their company bank account, so there was a lot of transparency and honesty in working with them. He kept time and he did exactly what I requested, I am very happy with their services.

Laminate Flooring Specialist

Happy rating

Tidiness, Trustworthiness, Value, Workmanship

Neutral rating


Description  He did laminate flooring

Feedback  They are very good, what they did for me was excellent. I have seen plenty of other people who do what these guys do but no one does it like them, they measure twice and cut once, they do not make no mistakes. For a start-up, they are very particular and their service is outstanding. Based on the work they did for me I can confidently stand by these people they are incredibly good.

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