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Mike Chinaka

Tar Surfacing Specialist

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Tar Surfacing Specialist



Tar Surfacing Specialist

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Tidiness, Punctuality, Workmanship, Affordability, Trustworthiness

Cost  18000

Description  Drive way surfacing

Feedback  I am a person who is only associated with good yet nice things in life. In this light, this was my brief to MIke before he started the job at my place. I reiterated to him that I am of an excellent look and he did not disappoint even an inch. Everything was according to the brief and up to now, a lot of people ask me for his details all because of the great workmanship that he showed. They only took two days to complete the job: the first day was only for preparations and the next day was the finishing off.

About Me
Mike has been too busy on the job to fill this out.