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Killian Boreholes  profile picture
Killian Boreholes
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Plumber +1 more
4 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 2.1km from Norwood
He installed a borehole for me at my house. He is someone who is very knowledgeable when it comes to his work. I was very impressed with the service rendered. He was professional, he came on time and he finished the work at the anticipated time. He charged me a fair price for the service. He is a trustworthy and reliable person because he did the work exactly according to my requirements. He is not someone who needs supervision because he is good at what he does. I can definitely recommend him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Initiative Mukwevho  profile picture
Initiative Mukwevho
Borehole Specialist, Electrician, Pool Specialist +3 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 5.8km from Norwood
He is a hardworking person, he knows what he is doing, his services come in highly recommended and his products are very effective, I have no problems with him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Mathews Nkomo  profile picture
Mathews Nkomo
Borehole Specialist
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 1.2km from Norwood
They came to install the borehole and it was an excellent service. They did everything including surveying , borehole and pump installations. Their workmanship is professional level, they are knowledgeable, reliable and they did the work exactly as I wanted. I have no complains whatsoever and I recommend them.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
DECENT  profile picture
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Plumber +7 more
17 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 16.9km from Norwood
He is a very reliable person, someone who always comes out whenever I need him. He is my go-to men whenever I have work that needs to be done. I have recommended him to so many people because his work is outstanding.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Limpho  profile picture
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Landscaper
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 6.3km from Norwood
Limpho installed irrigation systems for our clients, he knows what he is doing, and he does not take chances. He has extensive knowledge of his work and performs well without supervision. He is skilled and can be trusted to start and finish a project within the agreed time. He is passionate about his work and pays attention to detail. He is quick, efficient, and delivers on time. I can recommend his services.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Dan  profile picture
Borehole Specialist, Waterproofer, Painter +7 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 6.6km from Norwood
Dan came and did the quantity surveying at my house then later they installed the borehole for me. Everything went well they were proffessional, reliable, and giving relevant necessary information I needed to know when I have a borehole installed. I was happy with the service I got the real value of my money everything is working perfectly without comebacks. I recommend him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Jonathan Kanero  profile picture
Jonathan Kanero
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Garden Waste Removal +6 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 5.8km from Norwood
I hired Joseph to do some electrical work for me and borehole .He was very pantuall and also affordable .He is someone you can trust ,efficient ,and he had all his necessary tools for the job.I don't mind hiring him again in the future if there is job that needs to be done .I would gladly recommend him to other people who need his services.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Noa  profile picture
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Landscaper +3 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 8.8km from Norwood
He helped me with the installation of the irrigation system when I wanted to grow some palm trees. The work was done as expected and I was satisfied with it. He is the one I will always call to offer me the services. There is something to be repaired and I'm going to use his services again.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Kenval Projects  profile picture
Kenval Projects
Borehole Specialist, Pool and Pond Maintenance, Pool Specialist
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 12.5km from Norwood
Valentine did a good job for me, and l am happy with his work. He replaced a borehole pump and connected the whole system to function. He executed the job very well and completed it on time. Valentine is a professional who knows what he does. He is reliable and punctual. His prices are reasonable, and l can recommend him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Siluestre Mguni  profile picture
Siluestre Mguni
Borehole Specialist, Irrigation, Electrician +6 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Water Pumps

Usually 8.7km from Norwood
I hired Siluestre, and he drilled a borehole and installed Jojo tanks at my house. He did an excellent job, and I was satisfied with his work. Siluestre can be trusted because he was transparent with me all the time. His workmanship is good, and I vouch for him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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When is a water pump needed?

  • There are a multitude of household water pressure problems a water pump can help alleviate. Basically, a water pump can be used in any instance where a higher flow rate or increased water pressure is required, or to get water from point A to point B.
  • Bringing water out of a water/rain harvesting tank
  • Increasing a home’s household pressure if it is too low
  • Increasing water pressure for irrigation systems
  • Pumping water from an alternative water source such as a river, pond or stream
  • Boost water pressure as a result of low supply from city water.
  • Push water from ground levels up multiple levels.

Things to consider when selecting a water pump

  • Over what distance will the water be moved?
  • What is the size of the pipe through which the water will be pumped?
  • Is the water source above or below the pump?
  • Know the extent to which the water pump needs to work – Is the house a multiple-story unit, with one or two bathrooms?
  • How much water do you need to move or how many outlets must the pump be able to supply at one time?
  • How much pressure is needed?
  • The further the water needs to travel, the more robust the pump needs to be. Water weighs a lot and the longer the distance & the steeper the height the water needs to travel, the more pressure is put on the pump.