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Landscaper, Pool Specialist, Pool and Pond Maintenance +4 more
15 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 7.0km from Northcliff
Jaffet is an absolute professional. He knows his business and has a good team working for him. They work well and quickly, I did not have to supervise at all once we had agreed what needed to be done. I will definitely be using him for other landscaping work.
β€” in Sundowner, Randburg
Landscaper, Rubble Removal, Painter +6 more
5 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 2.2km from Northcliff
I have used his service a couple of times, and I am always happy with his work. He is the one who does gardening at my house. Everson listens and follows instructions, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to others.
β€” in Randburg, Johannesburg
Landscaper, Irrigation, Mover +4 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 1.7km from Northcliff
He is good when it comes to lawns. His work is amazing and he really pays attention to every single aspect of it. My lawn looks beautiful and healthy. I'm highly satisfied with the work done.
β€” in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Takudzwa Mcleod Muchemeranw
Landscaper, Garden Waste Removal, Rubble Removal +2 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 3.8km from Northcliff
He is a good worker who is very good at his job. He removed some rubbles at a site for me. He did a quick and efficient job. He is a reliable and hardworking man. I have no negative comments about his work. His working ethics are very good, and I will definitely recommend him to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Landscaper, Garden Waste Removal, Tree Feller +3 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 7.8km from Northcliff
I have known him for over 7 years now and have been using him to do my gardening on different properties. The quality of his work is superb and his workmanship is great. He is extremely reliable, reasonably priced and good to work with. I will continue to make use of his services in the future and would also recommend him to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Kingston Chunga
Landscaper, Irrigation, Rubble Removal +2 more
3 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 6.9km from Northcliff
He is a good service provider. His work is 100% satisfactory. He is reliable and always punctual. He always leave the place clean and tidy. His prices are also quite reasonable.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
The Garden Room - Landsacaping Specialist
Landscaper, Irrigation
3 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 10.6km from Northcliff
They designed our garden, sort out the plan and submitted it for approval. They are the ones who do the weekly maintenance of our garden. They change plants and cut down trees. I do not have any complaints regarding their work. They are very accommodative and willing to help. They make sure they get the job done. I can absolutely recommend their services.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Jairos Vengai
Landscaper, Waterproofer, Wallpaper Installer +4 more
6 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 5.6km from Northcliff
I was very impressed. He was punctual. Did not want breakfast. Worked fast and efficient. Had a quick lunch break with lunch which I supplied. And then immediately carried on. He needly put all the rubbish in bags supplied by me and I could just take it to dump without messing in my car. Excellent workmanship.
β€” in Allen's Nek, Roodepoort
Progress Muchenje
Landscaper, Wallpaper Installer, Tree Feller +1 more
4 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 7.4km from Northcliff
I got Progres through a referral, and he did a good job for me. He planted grass in my garden. His work is beautiful, and I was impressed with the outcome. Progress did what we agreed on, and I sincerely recommend him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Gugu Zodman Ngwenya
Landscaper, Waterproofer, Tiler +7 more
4 reviews

βœ… Β Instant Lawn

Usually 13.2km from Northcliff
Recent projects: rubble removing
Gugu is a good guy and he knows what he is doing. I have used his servicesmultiple times and i have nothing bad to complain about.
β€” in Linden, Randburg

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How is instant lawn installed?

  • Instant lawn is sometimes referred to as sod or turf. It consists of a layer of grass with soil that is attached to the grass roots and is usually sold in rolls or squares.
  • If you want the grass to stay green and lush, it is important that it is properly installed by a Pro and well maintained.
  • Measure the area - multiply width by length to get the number of square metres you need. For irregularly shaped areas, divide the area into smaller squares or triangles.
  • Do not wait: have your turf laid on the same day you receive it.
  • Your Pro will prepare the area where you want to lay the lawn by ensuring that there is good quality topsoil that is not too compacted.
  • The pieces of instant lawn will be tightly laid on the topsoil.
  • The turf will be watered before installation and again after.
  • Your Pro will use a roller to remove air pockets between the turf and the topsoil and will fertilise the lawn.
  • Water your new lawn daily and avoid heavy foot traffic until it is well established.
  • Once established, water, mow and occasionally fertilise your new lawn.

What are the benefits of instant lawn?

  • A lush green lawn is an inviting feature in any garden and a great place for children and pets to play. Instant lawn is a quick and hassle free way to get this result.
  • Instant lawn is cost effective and can last several years if properly maintained.
  • You can select the right type of lawn for the conditions in your garden (your Pro can advise you here!).