Andrew (electrician)
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Happy rating

Tidiness, Trustworthiness, Punctuality, Value, Workmanship

Description  Andrew has done a lot of work for me, electrical work, tiling, waterproofed my patio, did my ceiling and helped me with moving my shop from Monte Casino to Fourways and did all my electrical fittings there.

Feedback  He is the best handyman I have ever known, for me he has been fantastic. He shows me slips whenever he purchased something and he has been quite honest. Whenever I need something he does do he brings a specialist to help me out and they are always good. I would never use anyone else.


Happy rating

Tidiness, Value

Neutral rating

Trustworthiness, Punctuality, Workmanship

Description  They did partitioning and plumbling for me.

Feedback  Their work was quite okay, for the most part I had no issues with them. Based on the work they did for I would say they are on par with every other guys on the market and that I am satisfied with work Andrew has assisted me with.

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Andrew has been too busy on the job to fill this out.