Nirvasen (Fridge and Aircon Repairer)
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Fridge and Aircon Repairer

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Fridge and Aircon Repairer



Fridge and Aircon Repairer

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Tidiness, Punctuality, Workmanship, Affordability, Trustworthiness

Description  He does service and maintenance of our fridges and air con systems.

Feedback  He is a very good service provider with a good workmanship. We use him all the time and we have never had any problems with him. He is very reliable and efficient. He has very good knowledge and he does his work thoroughly all the time. He comes on time when we need him and he does his work quickly too. His prices are very good compared to other service providers. I would absolutely recommend his service to other people.

About Me
Nirvasen has been too busy on the job to fill this out.