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4.93 ★ from 92 reviews

Carpenter, Wallpaper Installer, Ceilings & Partitions Specialist +4 more
27 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

I run a renovation company, and Misheck does subcontract work for me. Misheck is punctual, always on time, and readily available when I call him. He is reliable, and I never had any problems with him. His pricing is also reasonable. He does renovation work, and he is good at his work.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Fencing Specialist, Builder +7 more
14 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Usually 14.3km from Cape Town
Noor has an amazing team that he works with, together they are always creative on designing whatever sketch down for them to build in our film industry. They always make plans to make improvements on designs so that when they build the structures, they would seem real in the films. They have built gate ways, diner chairs, and many other things that requires wood work. They are always available, comes to work on time, they sacrifice to work over time so they can deliver on their deadlines, and not a lot of people can do that. They are efficient, and I can recommend them to anyone.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Kitchen Specialist, Door Specialist +3 more
8 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Usually 10.1km from Cape Town
He does the decking and installation of cupboards for my clients. He also does upholstery. He is a professional worker who has a vast knowledge of his job. His quality of work is excellent, and I am always satisfied. I can recommend his services.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Kitchen Specialist, Interior Designer +7 more
13 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

I was renovating my house, so I hired Micheal, and he installed 7 doors at my house. He did a good job and was satisfied with his excellent services. I find him to be a trustworthy person because I left him working alone at my house, and I never missed anything. Micheal pays attention to details, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Builder, Bricklayer +7 more
7 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

His services are excellent and I was very happy. He is a professional and I would recommend him to other people.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Kitchen Specialist, Door Specialist +3 more
5 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Usually 9.2km from Cape Town
His work is very good, a professional carpenter. I was impressed with the quality and finishing and it was not even costly.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Staircase & Balustrade Specialist, Door Specialist +2 more
7 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Proud did a great job and he finished the job in time. The prices were reasonable. I was very happy with the overall service and I highly recommend him.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Handyman, Renovator +4 more
4 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Usually 5.4km from Cape Town
Jean has done a lot of work for me which includes the installation of cupboards, made a bench and a table, free-standing cupboard, and my boys' cupboards upstairs. He is hardworking, reliable, and knowledgeable about his work. He is professional and performs well without supervision. He kept me in the loop throughout different projects. I can recommend his services.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Door Specialist, Kitchen Specialist +4 more
4 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

Usually 7.1km from Cape Town
I have hired him to help me with making a deck, painting, and building a loft. I'm happy with the work he has done because everything was done accordingly. He is a professional guy who is good at his work. I have no complaints about his services and I highly recommend him.
in Cape Town, Cape Town
Carpenter, Kitchen Specialist, Door Specialist +2 more
3 reviews

✅  Wendy Houses

I have used his services twice, and I was impressed with the quality of his work on both occasions. The first time, he made a kitchen cabinet for me. The second time, he installed some built-in bedroom cupboards. He is very good at what he does, and I have no reason to complain. Godknows is a professional carpenter who takes pride in his work. He listens and follows instructions, and I do not hesitate to recommend his services.
in Cape Town, Cape Town

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Benefits Of Getting A Wendy Houses

  • Most homeowners accumulate lots of things over the years. You’re collecting more and more stuff but your home isn’t getting any better. If you have extra items in your home that you can’t seem to find a place for then installing a wendy house is a great solution. They’re a great way to safely to store belongings that aren’t used every day.
  • Most wendy houses are moveable structures so if you change your mind and want it moved to a different part of the house that won’t be a problem. It’s also fairly easy to disassemble it so you can take it with you to a new home if you move.
  • Wendy houses are very customisable. You can have your wendy-house custom made to suit your needs. You can choose the windows and doors you would like, you can paint the wendy house any colour you like and yo can also select the type of roof you want.

Uses Of Wendy Houses

  • Play houses: You can use a wendy house as a dollhouse or playhouse for your kids to use when they want to play with their toys and have fun.
  • Dog kennels: If you prefer to not have your dogs sleep in your house, a wendy house can act like a dog kennel so your pets can have their own little home. Plus, they’re also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Garden sheds: Not only are wendy houses good for storing your garden tools and equipment but they also protect them from the elements so your tools and equipment will last longer.
  • Guard huts: If you have a security guard stationed in your home or n your street, you can accommodate them in a wendy house so they have their own space to work from and are not out in the blazing heat or icy cold.
  • Workstations: If you’re working from home and need an office or you enjoy DIY or carpentry work, a wendy house can be a great workspace away from interruptions from the main house.