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Buffet dinner
– 1 course → R110.00 – R140.00
– 2 courses → R200.00 – R230.00

Formal plated event
– 1 course → R170.00 – R200.00
– 2 courses →  R230.00 – R260.00
– 3 courses →  R280.00 – R310.00

Informal cocktail party →  R75.00 – R100.00
Formal cocktail party y →  R180.00 – R210.00

Informal corporate function →  R110.00 – R140.00
Formal corporate function  → R180.00 – R210.00 

Catering companies usually cost an event or function on a per person bases and not on an hourly rate. These prices can range between R100 – R300. There maybe be a standard fee charged for additional rental items but the main cost factor is the type of event the caterer is preparing for. Our top catering companies have put together average catering costs for the most common catered events.

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    What Affects The Catering Quotes

    Calculating catering costs for events is a different ballgame. The catering company will often ask for your requirements before they give you a catering quote – This helps them ensure they stick within your budget and can also offer you a variety of options.


    Most catering companies will charge you a deposit for the catering. This is because they will need to buy all of the food for the event in advance. You can inquire about the deposit amount when requesting catering quotes from different companies.

    The number of guests

    As caterers generally charge per person, the more people you have at an event, the more your catering quote will be. However, sometimes, the number of guests could work in your favour and if you are expecting a large number of guests, you cost per head might work out a little less. Catering price lists often include tiered pricing based on guest count.

    Your menu choice

    Caterers will often supply a choice of different menus. Depending on the ingredients and type items offered on the menu will affect the cost that the catering companies charge. Be sure to discuss menu options and pricing when requesting quotes.


    Some catering companies have a full service offering – supplying additional extras such as welcome drinks, cutlery, decorations.  etc – These items will all affect the quote that the catering company gives you.

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