Prices of drywall installation - How much does it cost in South Africa?

Labour per linear meter R140 – R200
Drywall costs per board R120 – R220
All inclusive, per linear meter R750 – R1 050

Drywalling is creating quick walls without using brick, and is often called by the popular brand name for the materials – Rhinoboard or Rhinolite.  But do you know how to determine the drywall installation cost in South Africa?

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    Drywall Installation Prices In South Africa

    The type of drywall you're installing will affect the cost. While some applications require a particular set of components, similar materials are used in drywall and ceiling installations. Rhinoboard ceiling boards cost more than partitioning ceiling boards due to them having a thinner profile. Suspended ceiling T-joints cost less than partitioning tracks and studs. Bulkhead ceilings require more skill to install than any other ceiling, so may have higher labour costs.

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    Advantages of drywall In South Africa

    Affordability – Its cost-efficiency makes it a highly popular choice for South African homeowners. It is much more affordable than plaster walls or paneling. Combine the affordability of drywall with its ease of installation and repair, and it makes for a wildly popular choice. Not only is the drywall itself affordable, but so is the repair or replacement of it.

    Insulation – It helps any room retain its temperature, whether it’s cold air or warm air. Improved insulation will not only make your rooms more cozy and comfortable, it will also lower your energy bill costs all year long - making it ideal for South Africans.

    Ease of Repair and Installation – Not only is the installation fast and easy, but repairs can be performed much easier than many other wall materials. Drywall is installed in large sections. However, it can be repaired without replacing the entire section, due to various techniques used by Pros.

    Fire Resistant – Drywall slows down the spreading of fires. Drywall can slow down a fire and potentially save your home or office from further damage.

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    Tips to save on your drywall installation cost

    Although drywall is a reasonably priced alternative for finishing walls and ceilings, the expense is not insignificant. With so many options available for board type, installation methods, and finishes, there are ways savvy homeowner find to reduce the overall cost..

    • Budget and estimate carefully from the beginning: buying all the supplies at once may earn you a discount.
    • Purchase supplies from a trusted supplier, like Leroy Merlin. They know their products, can help you estimate better, and may reduce the price for a bulk order.
    • Choose a textured finish over a smooth one. There are several levels of finish, and a perfectly smooth finish is more expensive than a mildly textured one.
    • Ask the contractor about taping options. Standard seaming tape is less expensive than self-adhesive tape, but the seaming tape can require more layers of compound, which can increase the cost.
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    Finding the right Pro

    Now that you have a better understanding of the costs of drywall in South Africa – it’s time to find the best pro for the job. Luckily for you – Kandua has hundreds of pros from across South Africa that can install a drywall. To find the right pro on Kandua, all you need to do is:

    Remember, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option, especially with drywall installations. Stick to these tips, and take into account, the entire package - pro reviews, your experience in dealing with them and then, of course, the cost.

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