How Much Does A Fence Repair Cost?

The average fence repair cost in South Africa  R500.00 – R700.00.

This cost is for labour only and will also depend n the length and size of the fence. 

Fences look great when they are first installed, but over time, they begin to deteriorate. Thankfully, any fence can be repaired, regardless of the materials used. In order to get an accurate estimate to repair a fence, pros will need to know what type of fencing it is, and more details about the damage

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    Fence Repair Cost Factors

    There are many different ways that a fence can be damaged and there are lots of different things that will determine the cost to repair the fence. The main fence repair cost factors are the:

    • Type of fence damage
    • The extent of the damage
    • If the original fence has been treated/painted
    • Materials used to build the fence
    • The labour involved in the repair
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    Types Of Fencing Repairs

    Each type of fence repair has its own price – simpler repairs that involve minimal labour are less expensive than complicated ones.

    Fallen fence sections – It’s simple enough to replace a fallen fence section – the fence specialist will need to source and match the right materials in order to make the fence look uniform.

    Rotting Wood – If the wood rot is minor then it’s possible to treat and sand the wood to remove the rot. However, if the damage is more severe then you maybe have to replace that section of food if not the whole fence.

    Missing boards -Fencing pros have to source the correct materials to repair the boards. The location of the missing board/s also determines how much labour will be involved. It might be necessary to remove more boards to simply replace one.

    Holes and cracks – Depending on the severity of the damage and the materials used, pros will have to patch the holes and cracks and refinish or repaint the fencing afterwards.

    Sagging fence – Fence posts and section have the tendency to start sagging over time. In most cases, the sagging section is over replaced and not repaired.

    Repairing gates – This job involves replacing damaged latches, and hinges. It may also include replacing or installing a new gate, repairing locks and reinforcing the gate support structures.

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