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Local move, half day R 750 to R 5 000
Local move, full day R 6 500 to R 9 500
National move, small truck R 10 000 to R 25 000
National move, large truck R 20 000 to R 40 000

The prices shown are only estimates and do not include extra services that you may require when moving home.

There is a lot to consider when moving house in South Africa and determining your moving cost. When using a moving company, you have to remember that every mover operates differently, therefore prices of home removals vary.

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    Additional factors that could affect costs of moving house in South Africa

    Where are you moving to?

    Distance is a huge factor as this affects fuel consumption. Further, while moving over a long distance a driver invests more time which means a higher cost.

    How much needs to be moved?

    The moving costs incurred for a 1 bedroom flat move compared to those of a 4 bedroom house, are going to be vastly different due to the number of belongings and the manpower needed.

    What needs to be moved?

    The type of items being moved also plays an important role. Moving a piano, for example, will require specialised equipment and extra removal staff which may add to the overall cost. 

    When do you want to move?

    Moving can become more expensive based on how booked up the furniture removal company is. You can expect the prices to start going up as you near month-end. Weekends are also very busy for removals, so expect a price jump. Pro tip – “Try to move between the 6th and 23rdof the month – fees can be up to 20% cheaper than end of month rates.”

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    Additional considerations that could add to your costs of moving house in South Africa

    • Storage: If your new home can’t fit certain furniture, or if you are planning renovations, plan to book storage in advance or ask friends for temporary storage. Remember to ensure these items will be covered by insurance if they are not at the insured address.
    • Extra insurance: Smaller moving companies don’t offer transit insurance so for peace of mind, take out cover for that day.
    • Range of packing materials: If you are packing yourself, you will always need more materials than you think. Stock up on boxes, bags, plastic crates, black bags, black markers, tape and bubble wrap.
    • Packing paper: Be careful of using newspaper as the ink transfers onto items. Rather invest in proper packing paper.
    • Fragile stickers: To remind yourself and movers that there are breakables inside.
    • Wardrobe boxes: A much easier way to move clothes! You keep everything on hangers and then simply move clothing straight into the wardrobe at your new home.
    • Access: If you are moving into an estate or complex, check that they allow trucks into the development. If they do not, you will need to tell the moving company so they can quote you for an extra van or bakkie to go in between the property and the gate.
    • Hoist: If you are moving into a flat and you are not on the ground floor, the moving company may need a hoist to get large, bulky furniture into your unit. 
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    Things to consider

    • Decluttering: Before you start packing, take a good look around and get rid of whatever you don’t need by selling or donating items.
    • Inventory: You’ll need to know where everything is so make your own inventory list, e.g. corresponding to certain rooms or numbered boxes.
    • Empty your fridge: It’s a pain to move fresh food so if you can consume it before moving day, it will make life easier!
    • Plotting the furniture: You’ll have to direct movers on the day on where to put what. Give thought as to where which furniture items will go before moving day.
    • Back-up packers: Start about a month before you move and get friends to help out – they don’t get distracted and will pack with a purpose.
    • Supplies: Scope out your new neighbourhood in advance to see where you can stock up on groceries or takeaways, you won’t feel like cooking on the day.
    • Installations: If you can’t be without DSTV or internet, book your installation for the following day – not on your moving day.
    • User manuals and remote controls: Make sure these are packed last so that you’ll know how to set up your TV. Appliances like washing machines will be reconnected by reputable movers.
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    Finding the right Pro

    Kandua.com has a list of vetted, background checked movers all over South Africa that are perfect for the job. You can get multiple quotes in 1 minute or less. 

    All you need to do is:

    • Answer some questions about the job
    • Share your contact details so no more than 5 Pros can contact you directly
    • You’ll be contacted with quotes or a request for more info by affordable, experienced and trusted Pros
    • Read their online reviews

    Choose the Pro that best suits your requirements. Then invite your Pro to view your home contents so that you can discuss the cost of moving and all other relevant details. 

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