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4.79 ★ from 96 reviews

James Mulauzi profile picture
Appliance Repairer, TV Repairer, Cell Phone Repairer +1 more
57 reviews
Usually 22.7km from Roodepoort
Recent projects: construction, painting
I found him reliable. He came to my house, checked what the problem was, he then told me that the board needed to be replaced. He took the appliance with and brought it back few hours later like he promised. I recommend him 100%
in Cosmo City, Roodepoort
Mike Banda  profile picture
Mike Banda
Appliance Repairer, Tiler, Flooring Specialist +1 more
6 reviews
Usually 15.2km from Roodepoort
Mike knew exactly what he was doing and was polite, friendly and most helpful in explaining things to me. I won't hesitate to make use of his services again, should the need arise.
in Northcliff, Randburg
Francis  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Carpet Cleaner +2 more
5 reviews
Usually 13.4km from Roodepoort
Upon arriving he introduced himself to me and asked what the issue is with the my washing machine. I explained what I think the situation is with the washer. He then started to open the machine and started his investigation. Within a few minutes he had found the issue. He explained the issue very well to me and gave me possible fixes for the issue along with a quote for each fix. When I accepted the quote he went on to fix the machine and service/clean the washing machine parts(ie: Out flow pipes). Within the 30 min or so the job was completed and he tested the machine which was now working perfectly. Thank you Francis
in Sharonlea, Randburg
Specialist  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Handyman +7 more
8 reviews
Usually 17.8km from Roodepoort
Recent projects: rubble removing
It did not take him a long time to locate where the actual problem was and the repair was done the same day he diagnosed
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Humbulani  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Electrician +6 more
3 reviews
Usually 3.8km from Roodepoort
I own an electric appliance shop, and Humbulani is the one who repairs all the appliances for me. He repairs fridges, aircons, and microwaves. He is very good at what he does, and I have never received any complaints from my customers. Humbulani is the best and highly reputable service provider, and I can confidently recommend him.
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
justin  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Fridge and Aircon Repairer
4 reviews
Usually 8.9km from Roodepoort
He is a very reliable appliance repairer and his work is awesome. He knows his work very well. His prices may be a bit high than the others in the same market but his services is worth it. Once he fixes something for you, you are assured to never have the same problem. He is very punctual and he does his work efficiently. I can recommend his work to other people.
in Douglasdale, Sandton
Bongani Mthandwa  profile picture
Bongani Mthandwa
Appliance Repairer, TV Repairer, Fridge and Aircon Repairer +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 10.9km from Roodepoort
I got to know about Bongani from a colleague. He did painting renovations for my 4 roomed cottage. He was arriving in time for the job and with all the painting tools. I removed the furniture before he started painting and he covered the wooden floor and the tiles with a black plastic so that paint will fall on the plastic. He cleaned up the house after he was done with all the work. He was affordable compared to other painters. He was organized and had good communication skills.
in Soweto, Johannesburg
Onwell  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Handyman, Tiler +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 11.5km from Roodepoort
He installed tiles for me in my two bedroom house which also had a kitchen, dining room and bathroom. He came on time when I called for him and he finished all the work in eight hours. He was professional and precise. He did exactly what o asked him to and I was impressed with the work that he did. He cleaned up after his work and I did not have any problems with him. I can recommend him to anyone who may need his services.
in Randburg, Johannesburg
Obie  profile picture
Appliance Repairer, Plumber, Carpenter +6 more
4 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Roodepoort
His prices are very affordable, no problem at all.He came on the time that we had agreed on. He is very trustworthy and I highly recommend his services
in Fourways, Sandton
Callisto gutters  profile picture
Callisto gutters
Appliance Repairer, Painter, Handyman +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 12.5km from Roodepoort
Callisto installed new gutters at my house in Diepkloof. It was a fix and supply job nd his pricing was reasonable. He was on time for the job and with all the tools. He cleaned up after the job was done and he has good workmanship.
in Soweto, Johannesburg

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Getting Roodepoort 1724 Appliances Back Up and Running

  • Living becomes a complete and utter nightmare for homeowners in Roodepoort when their appliances unexpectedly stop working. But there’s no need to panic. Calling in professional appliance repair technicians will quickly get washers spinning, ovens baking, and refrigerators chilling again.

Common Appliance Repairs

  • Sure, new appliances are shiny and exciting, but repairing what you have saves you money. Here are some of the most common appliance fixes technicians handle on service calls:
  • Washing Machine Repairs: From leaking hoses to control panel issues, technicians can diagnose and resolve all kinds of washer troubles.
  • Refrigerator Repairs: Improper cooling, frozen food, excessive noise, and leaking are just some refrigerator problems technicians often tackle.
  • Oven and Stove Repairs: Technicians can get ovens back to baking and stoves burning again by addressing failures in heating elements, electronics, igniters, and more.
  • Dishwasher Repairs: Leaks, clogs, control and drainage problems, and system failures are no match for appliance repair experts.

Why DIY Repairs Aren't Worth It

  • When an appliance breaks, your first instinct may be to fix it yourself. But here’s why that’s often a bad idea:
  • Improper Diagnosis: Without training, DIYers often misdiagnose issues, wasting time and money on unnecessary parts.
  • Increased Damage: Amateur repairs can easily make problems worse and lead to more costly fixes or replacements.
  • Personal Safety: Attempting electrical and gas appliance repairs without expertise puts DIYers at risk of shock or fire hazards.
  • Voided Warranties: Brand warranties are voided if non-approved technicians work on appliances.
  • No Guarantee: Even if DIYers fix the immediate problem, there’s no guarantee the repair will be complete and lasting.

Why Roodepoort Appliance Techs Are the Smart Choice

  • Here are some key reasons why relying on qualified local technicians is always advisable for appliance repairs in Roodepoort:
  • They comply with safety regulations and use approved manufacturer parts.
  • They can offer warranties and guarantees on their workmanship.
  • These appliance repair services in Roodepoort are available in the following areas: Weltevreden Park, Cosmo City, Ruimsig, Florida, Wilgeheuwel, Willowbrook, Honeydew Manor, Witpoortjie, Bergbron, Roodekrans, Constantia Kloof and Groblerpark.
  • Don’t let broken appliances ruin your day. Calling professional Roodepoort technicians at the first sign of trouble gets issues resolved quickly and correctly so you can get back to normal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of appliances do contractors in Roodepoort commonly repair?

Contractors in Roodepoort commonly repair a wide range of appliances, including washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and more.

Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace a malfunctioning appliance in Roodepoort?

The cost-effectiveness of repairing or replacing an appliance depends on the extent of the issue, the age of the appliance, and replacement costs. Contractors can provide guidance.

How long does it typically take to repair a common appliance in Roodepoort?

The repair time for common appliances varies based on the issue and the availability of replacement parts. Contractors strive to complete repairs efficiently.

Do contractors in Roodepoort offer warranties for their appliance repair work?

Some contractors may offer warranties for their appliance repair work. It's essential to discuss warranty terms with the contractor before the repair begins.

Can contractors in Roodepoort conduct on-site appliance repairs, or do they require transporting the appliance to their workshop?

Most contractors can conduct on-site appliance repairs in Roodepoort, eliminating the need to transport the appliance to a workshop.

What should I do if I encounter a common appliance problem, like a refrigerator not cooling or a washing machine not draining, in Roodepoort?

Contact an appliance repair contractor in Roodepoort promptly to diagnose and fix the issue. Avoid attempting repairs yourself to prevent further damage.

Is it essential to have regular maintenance for appliances in Roodepoort, even if they are functioning correctly?

Regular maintenance for appliances in Roodepoort is essential to prevent future issues, extend their lifespan, and ensure optimal performance.

Can appliance repair contractors in Roodepoort provide safety checks for appliances to identify potential hazards?

Yes, contractors can conduct safety checks to identify potential hazards and ensure the safe operation of appliances in Roodepoort.

How can I keep my appliances in Roodepoort working efficiently and avoid frequent repairs?

To keep your appliances working efficiently, follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, avoid overloading them, and schedule regular servicing with appliance professionals.

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