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4.78 ★ from 35 reviews

Kp Electrical And Plumbing Services  profile picture
Kp Electrical And Plumbing Services
Plumber, Electrician, Solar Specialist +1 more
6 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 13.1km from Umhlanga
They provide great services and at an affordable price as well. They are well organised and presentable. I highly recommend their services because they are professionals and they know what they are doing.
in Phoenix, Durban
Chris  profile picture
Plumber, Tiler, Painter +7 more
4 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 11.8km from Umhlanga
He is an exceptional service provider who is very good at his job. He has done a lot of plumbing work at my house and shops. He put some prepaid metre box, geyser installation and water pipes connections. He is very good at his job, and he works with no supervision. His work is value for money, and it does not have any comebacks. It is always a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Mackhetha  profile picture
Plumber, Tiler, Handyman +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
I was renovating my RDP house, and I hired Monaleng, and he did all the plumbing installations for me. I was changing the position of the kitchen and bathroom, so he installed the water and sewage pipes. He did a fantastic job, and I was satisfied with his work. His work is excellent and great value for money. It was a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Billy  profile picture
Plumber, Handyman, Tiler +2 more
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
He repaired a tap that was underneath my sink, and installed a stopper on a leaking pipe that was connected to the geyser. I have had a few guys trying to fix the problem but, they couldn't do it. He managed to do it, I am happy, it has been a few weeks now, and I haven't experienced any problems. I can recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Aaron Tawanda Nduna  profile picture
Aaron Tawanda Nduna
Plumber, Bathroom Specialist, Tiler +2 more
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
Aaron and his team installed floor and bathroom tiles in my house. I am absolutely happy, he is a good artist and he knows his work. His charges are reasonable, he cleans afterwards and he is professional. I trusted him to deliver and I can recommend him to anyone.
in Durban, Durban
Xolani Mavukuthu  profile picture
Xolani Mavukuthu
Plumber, Builder, Bricklayer +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 13.5km from Umhlanga
His workmanship is very good. He is very hard working and very trustworthy and he surely knows how to do his job
in Durban Central, Durban
Saziwa Famous Sosibo  profile picture
Saziwa Famous Sosibo
Plumber, Bathroom Specialist
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 23.2km from Umhlanga
He really does a good job and his services are very affordable. He is always on time for work and he makes sure that he leaves the place in a clean state. I trust him and I have already started recommending his services to other people.
in Durban, Durban
Nathan  profile picture
Plumber, Painter, Tiler +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
He has done a lot of work for me which includes installation of ceilings, painting, plumbing, and tiling. He has never disappointed me on all the occasions that I have used his services. He has always shown up on time and he always made sure to clean up after his work. Hia prices are very reasonable as compared to other service providers. He always adheres to instructions and I have always been impressed with his work. I can gladly recommend him to anyone who may need his services.
in Durban, Durban
Dbongs  profile picture
Plumber, Bathroom Specialist, Renovator
3 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
Bongani is an exceptional plumber who is very good at his job. I used his services twice, and I was satisfied with his work. The first time, he installed a bathtub, toilet, basin, and shower in my bathroom. Recently he fixed the leaking toilet. I have no reason to complain about his work, and I will continue using him. It is always a pleasure doing business with him, and I do not hesitate to recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Lloyd  profile picture
Plumber, Renovator, Electrician +7 more
4 reviews

✅  Geyser Installation

Usually 27.2km from Umhlanga
He is really good and quite affordable. The standard of his work is good and it's the reason I've used him for so long.
in Nazareth, Pinetown

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4 Signs That You Need A New Geyser Installed

  • Most things in a home deteriorate over time. Your geyser is no exception. Without proper maintenance, the wear-and-tear happens a lot faster and can be more devastating. If it’s not caught in time, you geyser could burst causing even more damage and costing you thousands in damages and repairs. Luckily for you, you can avoid the stress of that situation by watching out for the following warning signs:
  • Rusty water – in some cases, if a geyser is on its way out you will find rust particles in the water. This most likely means there’ll be rust inside the tank. Once rust and corrosion start, it’s irreversible and it’s only a matter of time before the tank starts to leak.
  • No hot water – if you notice that your water isn’t getting as hot as it normally does or that the water isn’t heating at all, then it’s most likely that there is a problem with your geyser. The first thing you should look at is the element. Often, the element can be replaced and the problem resolved, but in severe cases, you need to replace the geyser completely.
  • Water leaks – a leaking geyser is often caused by an internal problem. If you notice your geyser leaking – call a plumber immediately. But, before you replace the geyser, check if there are other leaks coming from the fittings or connections to the tank. If the leak is severe enough, you’ll need to install a new geyser.
  • Old geysers – if a geyser has been properly installed and maintained your geyser could last 10 years. However, the older the geyser, the more likely it is to burst, so if your geyser is over 10 years old you should consider replacing it as a preventative measure.

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