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4.87 ★ from 30 reviews

Onias Matikiti  profile picture
Onias Matikiti
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Renovator, Waterproofer +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Onias a reliable and dedicated guy who has a vast knowledge of his job. He repaired my air conditioners, and he is my go-to guy. He makes sure everything is working before he leaves, and his quality of work is outstanding. He is quick, efficient, and communicates well. He is an excellent service provider, and I do not hesitate to use his services.
in Durban, Durban
Hilton  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Appliance Repairer
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
I have known and worked with Kuda for quite some time now. We have worked together in the form of giving eachother jobs. I have many of my customers where he has done a lot of fridge reairs for. I like his work and service hence I keep on going back to him.
in Durban, Durban
Akim  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
I know Akim on a personal level and l have seen what he did for several people. I was having problems with my fridge and l hired him, he repaired a fan, and installed gas. Ever since he came to perform the service, my double-door fridge is working perfectly. He is a reliable guy who quotes reasonably and he gives a guarantee of his work.
in Durban, Durban
Derek  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Electrician, Solar Specialist +1 more
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Derek installs and repairs air conditioners at my company. He also repairs a cold room whenever I encounter any problems. He is quick to respond to any problems, and he had solutions to every query. The prices he charges are market-related, and he delivered quality work. His work is up to standard, clean, and he had the right tools for work. I trust him because I have worked with him for a long time, and have never had any problems. I can recommend him to others.
in Durban, Durban
Thabo  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Appliance Repairer, Electrician +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 23.1km from Phoenix
He has been working for me for quite some time and am impressed. He has done air con repairing, door fixing and installation and some renovations. He is a hard worker and his work is good. He is also very reasonable in his prices. I recommend him.
in Newlands East, Durban
Vinnie  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Appliance Repairer, Fencing Specialist
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 24.8km from Phoenix
Vinnie is very good at what he does, he identifies a problem quickly. He is honest. He is punctual. He charges reasonably. His overall service is outstanding I would definitely recommend him.
in Chatsworth, Durban
Blessing  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Plumber, Bathroom Specialist +3 more
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 18.2km from Phoenix
I have used Langton for a couple Jobs and he is good at what he does, considering his prices are affordable though I never compared him to others, but based on his work the price was reasonable.He also used his own transport to work so they was no problem with timing.I have engaged with him in most of my repairing jobs he is good at his work.
in Durban, Durban
Mantlant  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Appliance Repairer
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 11.0km from Phoenix
He is a great service provider who is hardworking and reliable. He listens to instructions very well and he does his work perfectly.. He is also very trustworthy and very punctual. I would absolutely recommend his service to other people.
in KwaMashu, Durban
Shafs  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Appliance Repairer
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 16.7km from Phoenix
I was impressed by his work. He cleans after himself when he is done working. He makes sure that he leaves an impression. I am going to use him again, and I have recommended him to people.
in Durban Central, Durban
Edwork  profile picture
Fridge and Aircon Repairer, Solar Specialist, Electrician +2 more
3 reviews

✅  Refrigerator Repair

Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
My aircon was not working, and Airsome can repair it. They had to install a new pc board, and now it works properly. They came on time and did the work quickly. They are trustworthy as I did not have any issues with them. The price that they charged for the work was affordable.
in Durban, Durban

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The Importance of Professional Fridge Repair Services in Phoenix

  • In any home, an operational refrigerator is essential. It reduces wasted food and keeps food fresh. Fridges can experience a variety of issues due to wear and tear, just like any other appliance. When this occurs, it's crucial to work with a reputable fridge repair company in Phoenix. In this post, we'll examine the value of expert refrigerator repair services and how they may assist with typical fridge issues.

Common Fridge Problems

  • There are several issues that can arise with fridges. Some of the most common ones include:
  • Overheating
  • Strange noises
  • Leaks
  • Failure to cool
  • Electrical faults

Why Hire a Professional Fridge Repair Service in Phoenix

  • Repairing a refrigerator can be a challenging process that calls for expertise. Here are some explanations for why it's important to work with an experienced fridge repair service in Phoenix:
  • Expertise: Experienced fridge repair specialists are capable of identifying and resolving any problem with any fridge.
  • Safety: Electrical components included in refrigerators can be dangerous to handle without the right training and tools. Professional refrigerator repair specialists are equipped with the right precautions to undertake any refrigerator repairs properly.
  • Effectiveness: Trying to fix your fridge on your own could result in further damage or faulty fixes. The essential tools and equipment are available from professional fridge repair services in Phoenix, so the task will be done correctly the first time.
  • Cost-effective: Experienced fridge repair services may assist in determining and resolving the root of the issue, preventing further breakdowns and avoiding the need for expensive repairs.

How a Professional Fridge Repair Service in Phoenix Can Help

  • Numerous fridge troubles can be resolved by a reputable fridge repair service in Phoenix, including the following:
  • Replace faulty thermostat
  • Leaked refrigerant
  • Repairs and replacements of compressors
  • Electricity problems
  • Replacement of the fan motor
  • Repairs and replacements for door seals
  • For your fridge to continue to function properly and last many years, you need work with an experienced fridge repair service in Phoenix. You can be sure that your fridge will be repaired effectively and promptly thanks to the experience, knowledge, and safety tools that professional experts have.

A Guide to Find the Best Fridge repair pro near you in Phoenix

  • Be open and specific about your requirements: The more information you provide, the easier it will be for Kandua to match you with up to 5 suitable contractors. Allowing you to compare quotes, offerings and pick the fridge repair expert in Phoenix for you.
  • Share all the important details with your potential contractor: This will ensure the fridge specialist will understand what is expected and will be able to quote correctly and guide you with expert advice.
  • It's important to conduct a thorough check of a contractor's credentials: Before choosing them for your refrigeration needs, take the time to review their profiles on Kandua, where you can find reviews from previous clients and view photos of their work.
  • Read the quote carefully: Make sure that each quote includes all the services you need at an agreed-upon price. If something is unclear or not included, ask for clarification before signing anything.
  • Cheaper may not be better: While it's essential to stay within your budget, it's equally important to not base your decision solely on price when selecting a contractor in Phoenix. It's wise to also consider their reputation for providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality workmanship.
  • By following these tips from Kandua, you can find a trustworthy fridge repair expert in Phoenix who will meet your needs and exceed your expectations while helping you save money in the long run.

Other refrigerator repair requests on Kandua

The fridge is close to 6 years old. the light come on but the temperature remains warm and it does not make anything cold or even freeze anymore.
in Inanda, Durban
When the fridge is plugged on, the light comes on normally but the temperature doesn’t change. the fridge remains warm, doesn’t get cold or freeze anything
in Inanda, Durban
Hinge on the door has broken. The rubbers need to be replaced and there is rust on the outside bottom. The make is a Fridge Master - Upright Freezer.
in Newlands West, Durban