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4.82 β˜… from 55 reviews

Andile Mncube  profile picture
Andile Mncube
Waterproofer, Painter, Bricklayer +7 more
28 reviews
Usually 14.8km from Midrand
Andile painted the interior walls and a little bit outside and a friend's house. He is friendly, pays attention to detail, and performs well without supervision. His work was neat, he cleaned and left the place clean. I left some of my tools with him and nothing went missing. I can recommend his services.
β€” in Midrand, Johannesburg
Andre Van Niekerk  profile picture
Andre Van Niekerk
Waterproofer, Flooring Specialist, Tiler +1 more
3 reviews
Usually 0.6km from Midrand
I have worked with Andrea for the past 3 years, and I am always satisfied with his excellent services. I subcontract him doing waterproofing and flooring. Andrea is very good at what he does, which why I prefer working with him all the time. I find him to be a trustworthy person because he sticks to his words, and he is always on time. He is a five-star service provider, and I highly recommend him.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Tshepo Ncube  profile picture
Tshepo Ncube
Waterproofer, Painter
3 reviews
Usually 0.6km from Midrand
Tshepo was first recommended to us by someone when we were building our house to do waterproofing and from there because I am an interior designer I have been subcontracting him to do painting and waterproofing for my clients. He does a good job my clients are always content and I have never received any negative feedback or complaints.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
William  profile picture
Waterproofer, Ceilings & Partitions Specialist, Painter +6 more
3 reviews
Usually 0.6km from Midrand
He has done a lot of work for me. He fixed my roof and he has done a some steel work which included installation of burglar bars, hanging of doors and many other general handy work. He had always been on time whenever I called for him. He is reliable and he had never dissappointed me. His prices are good and his workmanship is beyond average. I can definitely recommend him to anyone who may need his services. He is professional and I can definitely use him again.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Tela Mlanje  profile picture
Tela Mlanje
Waterproofer, Flooring Specialist, Tar Surfacing Specialist +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 4.4km from Midrand
Mmatele is a great service provider, I have used her services many times for that past six to seven years and she always delivers her promise. She does waterproofing, concrete works and plastering repairs, she is a very passionate about her work and she is a hands on leader who ensures that the job is done properly. Her rates are market related and I will continue to use her services in future.
β€” in Centurion, Tshwane
Shackmen Ngwenya  profile picture
Shackmen Ngwenya
Waterproofer, Painter, Paver +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 6.1km from Midrand
I've been working with Shackmen since 2017. He has been helping me with the waterproofing as well as painting the walls for my shelter. He always arrives to work on time. He is 100% trustworthy and his prices are very reasonable and affordable. I am very happy about his work and I would definitely recommend him to others.
β€” in Centurion, Tshwane
Potso  profile picture
Waterproofer, Welder, Builder +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 0.6km from Midrand
Potso helped me to solve an issue with my roof and he did a very good job. l had some people who came before him and l paid them a lot of money to do the work but they failed me. Potso came in and was able to do the work properly. He did everything that he had promised me. There are people who l have referred to him and they are also quite happy with his work. He communicates well and l find him to be a professional.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Mike Mpofu  profile picture
Mike Mpofu
Waterproofer, Painter, Bricklayer +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 8.0km from Midrand
He did some of my projects I worked with him on 3 projects. He was the one who was dealing with waterproofing. He was good, never late I really don't have any problem with him and how he did his job. he was very affordable and he would always make sure that he cleans after himself. Him and his team did amazingly well. I would recommend him to people.
β€” in Blue Valley Golf Estate, Centurion
Sherppard  profile picture
Waterproofer, Bricklayer, Painter +5 more
3 reviews
Usually 4.3km from Midrand
Sherppard painted my garage and did a good job. He arrived on time and finished on time. He is hardworking and reliable. I can recommend his services.
β€” in Centurion, Tshwane
Nickky  profile picture
Waterproofer, Roofer, Renovator +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 0.6km from Midrand
Niccky did several jobs at my house. He installed some waterproofing and painted the roof. He also painted the interior and exterior of the house. He is hardworking, reliable, and works well without supervision. He has a great team, manages the team well, and delivers according to specifications. His prices are reasonable, he cleans up afterward, and there were no comebacks. I recommend him to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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Waterproofing in Midrand (1682): Safeguarding Your Home

  • The regular wet weather in Midrand poses risks like leaks and dampness, which can quickly escalate into major problems for the homeowner or business, weakening the building structure over time. To prevent these water-related issues, professional waterproofing services are a must. Experts in this field offer well-rounded solutions that not only guard homes against the damaging effects of persistent rain but also extend the lifespan of the structures, creating a secure, comfortable environment for residents.

The Advantages of Waterproofing

  • Preventing costly water damage: Barriers stop water from seeping through walls, ceilings, and foundations, avoiding repairs.
  • Reducing health hazards: Dampness can enable mould or mildew growth, carrying risks. Waterproofing maintains dry, healthy interiors.
  • Raising property value: Well-maintained, waterproofed homes hold higher real estate values.

Services that Contractors Provide

  • Roof waterproofing: Coatings prevent rainfall from causing leaks, which is vital for protection.
  • Basement/foundation waterproofing: Waterproofing and drainage solutions prevent flooding and seepage into basements.
  • Balcony/deck waterproofing: Specialised waterproofing protects balconies and decks from water damage over time.

How Contractors Can Assist You

  • Initial inspection: Contractors evaluate vulnerabilities and suggest tailored solutions.
  • Choosing waterproofing methods: With expertise, optimal techniques are selected for each area.
  • Surface preparation: Thorough prep ensures waterproofing materials adhere and function effectively.
  • Sealing cracks or joints: Contractors address existing cracks to stop water infiltration.
  • Applying waterproofing: Precise application provides comprehensive coverage and flawless results.

Why Trust Waterproofing to Experts?

  • Expertise from Experience: Contractors possess the knowledge to identify issues and implement effective solutions.
  • Quality materials: Reputable contractors use industry-standard products, ensuring durability.
  • Warranties and guarantees: Hiring a pro often comes with assurances and protection for their work.
  • For vital protection from leaks and dampness, trust waterproofing companies in Midrand, like those serving Noordwyk, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Carlswald, Waterfall, Barbeque Downs. With the right expertise, high quality materials, and certification, they offer top-tier waterproofing to secure your valuable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is waterproofing, and why is it important for properties in Midrand?

Waterproofing is the process of applying protective coatings and materials to prevent water infiltration into buildings. In Midrand, where heavy rainfall and potential water damage are common, waterproofing is crucial to safeguard properties and avoid costly repairs.

What are the signs that my Midrand property needs waterproofing?

Signs that indicate the need for waterproofing include water stains on walls or ceilings, mould growth, dampness or musty odours, and peeling paint. If you notice any of these signs, it's best to consult a professional for a thorough inspection. Read more about our cost estimates for waterproofing in Midrand.

Which areas of my home in Midrand require waterproofing the most?

The most vulnerable areas in Midrand properties are roofs, basements, balconies, decks, and foundations. Waterproofing these areas can prevent water damage and ensure long-term protection.

Can I attempt DIY waterproofing in my Midrand home?

While DIY waterproofing products are available, it is recommended to hire a professional contractor for the best results. Waterproofing requires expertise and specialised materials to ensure proper and long-lasting protection.

Is it necessary to waterproof newly constructed properties in Midrand?

Yes, waterproofing newly constructed properties is essential to prevent future water damage and maintain the integrity of the structure. It is best to include waterproofing during the construction phase.

Can waterproofing solve existing mould issues in my Midrand home?

Yes, waterproofing can help address existing mould issues by preventing further water infiltration and reducing moisture levels, which create an unfavourable environment for mould growth.

How can I find a reliable waterproofing contractor in Midrand?

To find a reliable contractor, consider checking online reviews, asking for recommendations from friends or family, and verifying the contractor's licensing and insurance credentials.

Does waterproofing come with any warranties or guarantees?

Yes, reputable waterproofing contractors often provide warranties or guarantees for their work. These warranties offer peace of mind and assurance of quality workmanship.

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