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The average tree felling price R1000.00 – R3000.00 per tree


Most homeowners try to save on tree felling prices in South Africa by doing their own tree felling work. The problem though is that tree felling is actually very dangerous so it’s best left to the pros. When felling trees, the correct working techniques are essential for the safety of everyone involved as well as getting the job done right.

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    What Factors Affect The Tree Felling Price In South Africa?

    Tree size

    The size of the trees will affect the final tree felling price. The bigger the tree the more labour will be required. Large, wider trees will require more labour to trim or remove while taller trees might require additional safety equipment making the job more expensive.

    Project size

    The number of trees you need to fell will directly impact the tree felling quote. Negotiate with your tree felling pro. They may offer you a discount if you have multiple trees to do at the same time.


    Unhealthy trees require special treatment when it comes to felling which could increase the price. Dead or diseased trees need to be disassembled carefully. They are also more likely to fall during trimming so tree fellers need to put extra safety precautions in place to prevent this.


    Trees that are located in difficult to reach places will need more labour and equipment to trim, fell or remove. Likewise, if they are growing next to a solid structure like a wall or a power line or light post. Tree felling professionals will need to increase safety measures and use more labour to get the job done.

    Clean up

    Something important for you to consider that will drive the tree felling price up is the cleanup. If you need the tree felling company to clean up the tree debris after the job you will have to pay extra for the labour. In addition, if you want the refuse removed completely, you may have to pay even more for that.


    Consider an annual tree felling contract with the tree felling company. Regular maintenance of your trees could save you money down the line.

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