What are roof sheets prices In South Africa?

IBR roof sheeting prices R100 – R420 per sheet
Corrugated roof sheeting prices R100 – R420 per sheet
Chromadek IBR roof sheeting prices R505 – R1020 depending on colour

Roof sheeting offers numerous advantages, including exceptional durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal, it can be a significant house enhancement for many homes in South Africa, but how much does it cost?

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    What determines the roof sheets prices?

    Roof sheeting prices are per meter. Therefore the size of the roof will determine how much the overall roof sheets prices in South Africa will be. The larger the roof, the more sheets and therefore greater cost. However there are other factors effecting the overall price: 

    • The kind of roof sheets you pick
    • The weight of the sheets per square meter
    • Contractor rates 
    • The angle of your roof or other factors that may make the job more difficult. 
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    What are the benfits of having roof sheets in South africa

    Sheeted roofing and tiled roofing are two common options for covering the roofs of buildings, and each has its own set of advantages. The choice between them often depends on factors such as climate, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some benefits of sheeted roofing compared to tiled roofing:


    Roof sheeting materials are often more cost-effective than traditional tiled roofing materials. This can be especially important for large roofing projects or when working with a tight budget.

    Installation Speed:

    Roof sheeting is typically quicker and easier to install than tiled roofing. The large panels of corrugated metal or other materials can be installed more rapidly than individual tiles, reducing labour costs and construction time.


    Roof sheeting materials are generally lighter than traditional tiles, making them easier to transport and install. This can be an advantage in construction and may reduce the need for additional structural support.


    Roof sheeting materials are often durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are resistant to rot, insects, and can handle high winds and heavy rain. This durability can result in a longer lifespan for the roof.

    Low Maintenance:

    Roof sheeting requires less maintenance than tiled roofing. Tiles may crack or break over time, requiring individual replacements. Roof sheeting, on the other hand, involves larger panels that are less prone to damage and are easier to repair or replace.


    Roof sheeting comes in various materials such as metal, plastic, or fiberglass, providing a range of options to suit different aesthetic preferences and architectural styles.

    Energy Efficiency:

    Some sheeted roofing materials, particularly metal, can be more energy-efficient by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption. This can contribute to lower cooling costs in warmer climates.

    Water Shedding:

    The corrugated design of the roofing allows for effective water shedding, preventing the buildup of water on the roof and reducing the risk of leaks. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with heavy rainfall.

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    Finding the right pro

    Now that you have a better understanding of the costs – it’s time to find the best Pro for the job.

    Luckily for you – Kandua has hundreds of Pros who can install roof sheets. 

    Here are our top tips to help you find the right Pro for your roof sheets installation:

    • Give the contractor as much information as possible. The more details they have the more efficiently they can quote on the job and also offer their professional advice.
    • Once you’ve gotten quotes from different Pros – you can look up their profiles on Kandua and read their reviews and see pictures of their work. 
    • Read the quote carefully. Make sure you double-check everything so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. 

    Remember, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option. Stick to these tips, and take into account the entire package, Pro reviews, your experience in dealing with them and then, of course, the cost.

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