Cost to build a carport

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Carport?

The purpose of building a carport is to offer an affordable way to provide overhead protection for your vehicle. Many people choose to build a carport rather than a garage because it’s a more affordable alternative. The cost to build a carport is much less than the cost to build a garage. However, there are certain factors that will affect the price of your carport. 

The average cost to build a single carport starts from R6 500.00
The average cost to build a double carport is between R12 000.00
These prices may change depending on the type of material used.

That Affect The Cost To Build A Carport

Building a carport depends a great deal on the site as well as what your budget will allow for. Talk to your carport builder about the best options for your requirements and budget. 


The first thing you should consider when exploring how much the cost of building a carport is is the preparation required. How much preparation does the site of the carport need? Most often it requires little in the way of materials, so the cost should be based entirely on the tools and labour.

The size of the carport

It goes without saying, the bigger the carport, the more it will cost. Single vehicle carports will cost less to build than double ones. Not only will it require fewer materials, but also fewer materials. 

The materials used

The type of materials you use will impact the cost to build a carport. The type of wood you use, if you choose a metal roof or a concrete slab. The thickness of the roof cover. The more expensive materials are and the ore materials you need, the more expensive your carport cost will be. 

Carport Add-ons

If you are thinking about also including add-ons to the carport then your cost will go up. Some additions you can include in the carport build: 

Lighting – You may want to have lighting in or around your carport – for this you’ll need a pro with electrical experience or an actual electrician.

Painting – If you want to leave the wood as is or stain it or even paint it completely you’ll have to include the cost of these materials and the labour needed to apply them. 

Carport with wooden slats and garden background

How To Hire The Best Carport Pro For The Job

Remember, before you hire a carport pro – make sure you have consulted with your city planning to make sure you’re allowed to build a carport on your property. Also, be sure to find out what size the carport is allowed to be.

Get Multiple Quotes:  Carport pros charge various prices. Some charge an hourly rate, some charge per project that’s why we recommend getting more than one quote. It will help you compare prices to make sure you hire the best pro within your budget.

Reviews: Read the online reviews of pros you are thinking of hiring. You can also request references from previous customers that they have worked for. This will help you identify good Pros and give you an idea of the quality of work you can expect. The carport Pros listed on Kandua have received 5 star rated reviews from their community.

Expertise: Make sure the pro you hire is a skilled professional with the experience needed to complete the job you have hired them for. Check with the carport pro before you hire them where their expertise lies and if it fits your task.

All pros listed on Kandua have been background checked, vetted, and reviewed so you can be sure you’ll get quotes from the best carport experts near you.

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