Garage door installation cost

How Much Does A Garage Door Installation Cost?

Installing a garage door is a very technical task – especially when it comes to the spring system. Setting it up and testing it requires skill and experience. If it’s not installed correctly, you experience problems with the performance of the door in the future. 

The garage door installation cost, as well as the maintenance required, will depend on a few things. Namely, the type of door, what it’s made of, the size of the door and of course the labour involved in the install. Generally, the biggest factor involved in a garage door installation price is the door itself. 

The average single garage door installation cost in South Africa is between R2 000.00 – R2 500.00
The average double garage door installation cost in South Africa is between R3 000.00 – R5 500.00

Factors Affecting the Garage Door Installation Cost

The garage door material

Garage doors can be made of many different materials – Steel, aluminium, wood or a combination of materials. Some garage doors have windows built-in which can also affect the cost of the install.

The size of the garage door

The most common door sizes are single and double door garages. Single doors are wide: 2440mm x High: 2130mm while double doors are: wide: 4880mm x high: 2130mm. Double doors generally require more labour which makes them more expensive. Custom made garage doors are also available but at a much higher cost. 

Labour Required

Installing a new garage door can take between two to four hours – assuming there aren’t any unforeseen problems that arise. Single doors take a bit less time to install while custom made doors could take much longer to install correctly, The longer it takes the more the garage door installation cost will be.

Grey and cream garage door with arrows on paving below

Removing the old door

Usually, the fee to remove the old garage door is included in the garage door installation cost but make sure you confirm this first with the pro before you accept the quote. You want to avoid paying any hidden costs. 

Manual vs Automatic Garage Doors

Both options have pros and cons and will affect the overall garage door installation price. 

Manual garage doors are much easier to install as they don’t have any electrics and moving parts to focus on. They’re also much lighter than automatic doors making it even easier to install. 

Automatic doors require the installation of the door, a motor and cables. They are much more common because of the convenience and extra safety of not having to get out of your car but they are also much more expensive to install and require more maintenance.

Most Common Garage Doors

Aluminium doors – Are lightweight and inexpensive. They also require very little maintenance. They also don’t warp or contract making them great for areas that get very cold.

Fibreglass doors – Have a steel frame so they’re also very light, not to mention affordable. They can become quite brittle so are best for areas with warmer temperatures.

Steel doors – Are low maintenance, durable and weather-resistant making them one of the better options available. 

Wood composite doors – Are made from recycled materials, and are great because you can paint them any colour you want to match your home. 

Solid wood doors – These look beautiful but they require a lot of maintenance. They need to be treated fairly often. They also warp quite easily when they’re exposed to cold weather and rain. 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pro To Install The Garage Door

You may be able to save money trying to install the garage door yourself but the chances of you having to spend a fortune fixing your mistakes are much higher. 

  • Professionals will also be able to help you get rid of the old door, saving you time and the cost of paying a rubble removal pro to dispose of the door. 
  • Garage door installation experts have experience in electrical work which is especially important if you’re installing an automatic door. 
  • Garage doors are big and heavy. You won’t be able to install it on your own. A pro will have someone with them that can help with the heavy lifting.

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