Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Renovating

Are you wanting a full bathroom renovation, but just cannot find it in your budget? Bathroom makeovers can be costly but there are a few ways to upgrade your bathroom without the expense of a full bathroom renovation. No, you won’t achieve the bathroom of your dreams but you will achieve a fresh and improved space that may be all you need for resale or for your own enjoyment.

Kandua Bathroom Upgrade Tips

#1 Tip – Add Colour

If your bathroom is mostly white, why don’t you paint your cabinets a bold colour that will add some personality. Be sure to get these painted by a professional to achieve the perfect look.

#2 Tip – Change Fittings

Changing fittings is an easy way to update your bathroom and make it look like a bathroom renovation. Matte black is very on trend at the moment for a modern look. Or go for bronze for a more romantic feel.

#3 Tip – Check Your Grout

Updating your grouting can go a really long way in a bathroom. Darker grouting is very modern, and doesn’t show dirt as easily as white grouting.

#4 Tip – Upgrade Lighting

For a simple way to update and improve a bathroom that may not provide the kind of glow you seek, consider upgrading your light fixtures. The optimal setup is a pair of wall sconces-one on each side of the mirror, at eye level.

Still not convinced? Visit our cost pages to see the cost of bathroom renovations.

Kandua Bathroom

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