Wallpaper Prices in 2022

Wallpaper Prices in 2023

Wallpaper is on-trend right now and considered to be the one of the most stylish ways to dress your walls. Do you know wallpaper prices in your area?

Labour per roll wallpaper R 300 - R 600
Average cost of wallpaper R 700 - R 2 000

An average wall (7m2) is going to require between 3 and 4 rolls of paper.

Wallpaper prices can vary, this is what you need to consider:

The size of the room – small-scale patterns create a feeling of spaciousness, while large-scale designs make rooms feel more intimate. To make an empty room look more furnished, pick large-scale patterns with bright colors and dark backgrounds. To give flat walls the look of depth, try a large, open dimensional pattern.

Budget – wallpaper prices vary, so if you have your heart set on expensive wallpaper but cannot afford to buy it, consider a feature wall instead. That means you cut your wallpaper cost but still have the wallpaper of your dreams. Wallpaper pattern can influence the price of the wallpaper.

Play with light – in a north-facing room, dark hallway, or windowless space, look for wallpaper that will reflect light around the room, such as patterns with light colors or with metallic inks. Also consider patterns with smooth surfaces, which reflect maximum light. Dark colors absorb light, making walls appear closer and the room smaller.

Which room will have the wallpaper – if you were hoping to wallpaper a bathroom or kitchen, you will need tougher wallpaper that can withhold heat and steam. This gives you less choice with regard to design.

Do you have kids – an odd consideration, but an important one if your toddler sees themself as a budding Picasso. Some wallpapers can be wiped down, but some will not withhold the wrath of a toddler with a koki!

How much wallpaper do you need?

Wallpaper prices can be steep so make sure you buy only what you need. We asked the experts for a simple way to work out how much you will need for your wallpaper project.

1. Measure the surface area of the wall where your wallpaper will go

Measure the length and height of each wall you plan on wallpapering, and round that number up (e.g. the wall is 3,18m long, round up to 3,20m). You can then multiply these numbers to get the surface area as m2.

2. Measure the distance between repeating patterns on your wallpaper

Look at the edge of the wallpaper roll and look for 2 identical parts of the pattern. Hold the end of your tape measure on a point in the pattern and extend it to where the pattern repeats itself. Write down your measurement so you can estimate how many rolls you’ll need for your wall.

This will assist you in being able to determine how much USABLE wallpaper you have per roll. Even though the total surface area is listed on the packaging, the amount that’s usable varies depending on the pattern and how much you need to trim to make it line up. Once you have this figure for the pattern repeat, you can use the following guidelines:

0.000–15.24 cm of pattern repeat, then there is 2.3 m2 of usable paper.
17.78–30.48 cm of pattern repeat, then you can use 2.0 m2 of paper.
33.02–45.72 cm of pattern repeat, then use 1.9 m2 of paper.

3. The final calculation

Then you can divide the total surface area of the wall by the usable metres of the wallpaper. This figure will tell you how many rolls you will need. If the figure comes to say, 5.3 – you can round this up to 6. Wallpaper is often sold in single and double rolls. For example, in the previous calculation, you can buy either 6 single rolls or 3 double rolls to cover the same area.
It is always advisable to add an extra 10-20% on so you have excess for any mistakes or waste.

Finding a wallpaper professional

Kandua has 100s of pros that can provide and install wallpaper. All you need to do is:
  • Answer some questions about the job
  • Share your contact details so no more than 5 Pros can contact you directly
  • You’ll be contacted with quotes or a request for more info by affordable, experienced and trusted Pros
  • Read their online reviews
Remember, it’s not always about finding the cheapest option, especially with wallpaper. Stick to these tips, and take into account, the entire package, Pro reviews, your experience in dealing with them and then, of course, the price. 
  • Find a pro in your area: Johannesburg wallpaper prosPretoria wallpaper prosCape Town wallpaper prosDurban wallpaper pros
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