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4.79 ★ from 38 reviews

Kingnkosy  profile picture
Landscaper, Paver, Tar Surfacing Specialist +2 more
6 reviews
Usually 3.3km from Roodepoort
I was doing trimming cutting of grass weeding. With a little bit of supervision but you always delivered it what it does, he also had his own transport that was using to work, he was never late.I can recommend is services to other people because he offered great prices which are considered to be affordable. Also has great workmanship skills and his work is worth trusting. Can recommend his services to other people because he has done a great job.
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Karabo  profile picture
Landscaper, Tree Feller, Pool Specialist +3 more
6 reviews
Usually 17.2km from Roodepoort
Installed decking on large area and consequently installed an automated pool cover using the same material. I am still in disbelief. I didn't think it was possible.
in Featherbrooke Estate, Krugersdorp
Eureka Lawn Installations  profile picture
Eureka Lawn Installations
Landscaper, Garden Services, Irrigation +4 more
3 reviews
Usually 6.5km from Roodepoort
They were doing garden maintenance and they did a perfect job. They were trimming the lawn, flower maintenance and all the neccesary gardening work. They are clean, tidy and they took all the dirty and throw them away. Their workmanship is professional level and they are very affordable. I recommend them highly.
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Maxwell  profile picture
Landscaper, Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal +7 more
4 reviews
Usually 13.6km from Roodepoort
I have used him a few times and he is quite a good service provider. I have never had any problems with him. He is very reliable and very punctual. He works competently and he always manages to finish his work on time. His prices are also very good and his services are recommendable.
in Parkhurst, Randburg
Shintshephi  Dlamini  profile picture
Shintshephi Dlamini
Landscaper, Tiler, Painter +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 12.9km from Roodepoort
He was quite professional and efficient. He was also very informative gave me tips and advice for the future care of my garden. He knows his job and based on how he did my garden I can recommend him to anyone, he is good at what he does.
in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
steve  profile picture
Landscaper, Irrigation, Paver +4 more
3 reviews
Usually 13.4km from Roodepoort
I hired him to do some landscaping at my new house and he did a great job. the work was beautiful and neat. He planted some grass around my house and the price that he charged me for all the work was good. He is honest and tidy, I can recommend his services to anyone.
in Fourways, Sandton
Sabastian Manyengavana  profile picture
Sabastian Manyengavana
Landscaper, Event Decor, Mover +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 3.5km from Roodepoort
Sebastian was referred by a colleague, I hired him for the installation of artificial lawn at my house. He came and installed the lawn , he came along with his team and they worked hand in hand. He takes time to perfectly deliver quality work, he communicates well with his team and he managed to complete the job within the agreed time without any supervision. He did a brilliant job, his work ethic was great and I was fairly charged for the service he rendered. I highly recommend his services.
in Krugersdorp, Krugersdorp
Progress Muchenje  profile picture
Progress Muchenje
Landscaper, Irrigation, Tree Feller +1 more
4 reviews
Usually 11.8km from Roodepoort
He educated me well about how to take care of my garden and flowers, as well as type of manure to use.
in Bloubosrand, Randburg
Patrick  profile picture
Landscaper, Irrigation, Tree Feller +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 10.2km from Roodepoort
I was very happy with his job and his service is very affordable. He was always on time for work and made sure that he left everything cleaned up, I was really impressed. I have already started recommending his services to other people who are also impressed by his work.
in Randburg, Johannesburg
Nelson Sibande  profile picture
Nelson Sibande
Landscaper, Tree Feller, Pool and Pond Maintenance +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Roodepoort
He is a good worker. I have worked with him for 7 years, and he has never disappointed me. He is the one who does all our landscaping jobs. He is very knowledgeable about his job. He is a reliable and talented man. He does not need to be supervised at all. I have no negative comments about his work. It is always a pleasure working with him, and I will definitely recommend him to others.
in Sandton, Johannesburg

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Garden Services in Roodepoort (1724): Growing Your Dream Outdoor Space

  • Maintaining a beautiful and well-kept garden is an essential aspect of being a homeowner. While the joy of nurturing plants and seeing them flourish is indescribable, the challenges that come with it are often too demanding for our busy lives.

What Garden Services Include

  • Garden services are much more than mere lawn mowing or hedge trimming; they are a broad spectrum of tasks designed to ensure that every part of your garden thrives. Essentially, these services often include:
  • Lawn Mowing: The backbone of any garden service, consistent mowing ensures a well-manicured lawn.
  • Bush and Tree Trimming: This not only shapes your plants but also ensures that they grow healthily.
  • Weed Control: Your garden’s unwanted plants are taken care of through various techniques.
  • Garden Clean-Ups: These are essential, especially during seasonal transitions.
  • Planting and Transplanting: This is crucial for anyone wanting to mix things up in their garden occasionally, incorporating new flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Common Types of Garden Work

  • Lawn Care: Garden service professionals will offer regular lawn mowing, fertilisation treatments, aeration methods, and even pest control measures to maintain a lawn that's not just green but also healthy.
  • Pruning and Trimming: Experts are essential for this as they understand the best techniques to prune and shape trees and bushes, ensuring both your garden remains beautiful and healthy.
  • Weed and Pest Control: These experts can identify and remove the pests and weeds that can otherwise cause problems in your garden, using various treatments to prevent future invasions.
  • Planting and Transplanting: Depending on the particular climate and soil conditions in Roodepoort, professionals can help you select and plant an assortment of flora that will thrive in your garden.
  • Garden Clean-Ups: Especially important during seasonal transitions, a professional service will remove all the garden waste like fallen leaves, dead plants, and even debris left by storms.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garden Service

  • Hiring a professional garden service provides multiple advantages that go beyond just a pretty-looking lawn. Here are some benefits of these services:
  • Expertise: These professionals bring a wide range of knowledge to the table, providing solutions for various garden-related issues, from soil conditions to plant diseases.
  • Time and Convenience: Employing a garden service frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities or simply enjoy your free time.
  • Tools and Equipment: Professionals are equipped with the latest tools required for effective and efficient garden maintenance.
  • Customised Care: Every garden is unique. As such, garden service providers offer tailored solutions that meet your garden’s specific needs.
  • Regular Maintenance: Scheduled visits from a professional service can nip issues in the bud, helping you avoid costly future repairs.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A neat and well-maintained garden adds to your home's curb appeal, potentially increasing its market value.
  • If you're living in the following areas:
  • Weltevreden Park
  • Cosmo City
  • Ruimsig
  • Florida
  • Wilgeheuwel
  • Willowbrook
  • Honeydew Manor
  • Witpoortjie
  • Bergbron
  • Roodekrans
  • Constantia Kloof
  • Groblerpark
  • You're in luck! These areas have access to top-notch garden service in Roodepoort providers.
  • When it comes to finding trustworthy garden services, platforms like Kandua can be very useful. They connect homeowners with verified professionals, adding an extra layer of confidence and security to the hiring process.
  • From the basic tasks such as lawn mowing or weeding to more specialised services like planting and transplanting
  • , these experts are equipped to take on any challenge your garden presents. So, if you would like to enjoy a gorgeous garden without the manual labour it demands, consider hiring a professional garden service. It might just transform your outdoor space into your own slice of paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do garden service providers offer in Roodepoort?

Garden service providers in Roodepoort offer a range of services, including lawn mowing, trimming, pruning, planting, weed control, pest management, and garden clean-ups.

How often should I schedule garden services in Roodepoort?

The frequency of garden services depends on factors like the size of your garden, the types of plants you have, and the specific tasks needed. Many homeowners opt for monthly or bi-monthly services.

Do I need to be present during garden services?

Generally, you don't need to be present during garden services. You can provide instructions and access to your garden, and the professionals will take care of the tasks.

Can garden service providers in Roodepoort help with designing my garden?

Yes, many garden service providers offer garden design and landscaping services. They can help you plan and create a garden that suits your preferences and the local climate.

Are garden service providers in Roodepoort experienced in handling indigenous plants?

Yes, experienced gardeners in Roodepoort are knowledgeable about indigenous plants and can recommend suitable options for your garden.

Do garden service providers in Roodepoort offer one-time clean-up services?

Yes, many garden service providers offer one-time clean-up services, which can be especially helpful for seasonal garden maintenance.

What is the cost of hiring a garden service in Roodepoort?

The cost varies based on factors like the size of your garden, the services needed, and the frequency of visits. It's best to request quotes from different providers to compare prices.

Do I need to provide any tools or equipment for the garden service?

Professional garden service providers come equipped with their own tools and equipment, so you don't need to provide anything.

Can I get a customised garden maintenance plan for my specific needs?

Absolutely, reputable garden service providers in Roodepoort often create customised maintenance plans based on your garden's unique requirements and your preferences.

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I need someone to clean my flowerbeds every 2nd week and to remove weeds from the lawn.
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
I need a garden service to do a clean sweep, mow the lawn (500 squares), weed and tidy up plant beds and get rid of the dry leaves and grass. It’s just a once off so that the gardener can maintain afterwords
in Roodepoort, Johannesburg
I need grass cutting service urgently please, for today. Disposal of the grass as well. Thank yoi
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