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10 Recently Hired Pros

4.8 ★ from 155 reviews

Meke  profile picture
Electrician, Solar Specialist
44 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 67.7km from Vanderbijlpark
Recent projects: retiling
He was right on time and was very tidy. His work was excellent and he offered us the right advice. Will definitely be using him again.
— in Strubensvallei, Roodepoort
Mashole  profile picture
39 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 61.4km from Vanderbijlpark
[1/28, 23:51] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: ND where is the invoice. [1/28, 23:53] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: 😭😭U left the mainswitch open. ND the outside wires I wud want u to hide them. [1/28, 23:54] Moshole Electrician: 😳 main is open .am sorry [1/28, 23:55] Moshole Electrician: I forgot to close it ,I'll settle everything on Sunday morning [1/29, 10:12] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Goodmorn I saw my lunder lapshade broken. ND u never told me u hv broke it. [1/29, 10:13] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: The one on the ryt. ND i know it was not broken. [1/29, 10:13] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Cos wen Lawrence left I took pictures. [1/29, 10:14] Moshole Electrician: I didn't notice anything broken [1/29, 10:14] Moshole Electrician: I'll come on Sunday [1/29, 10:21] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: It's impossible that you did not notice...I'm seeing it now as I'm putting the covets. [1/29, 10:21] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Covers [1/29, 10:24] Moshole Electrician: Like I can't lie on something like that [1/29, 10:26] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: OK, did not say u lie. Maybe y forgt ori don't know [1/29, 10:27] Moshole Electrician: If I notice I could've said [1/29, 10:27] Moshole Electrician: Am not denying anything am not agreeing anything [1/29, 20:31] Moshole Electrician: Hi I didn't read ur WhatsApp right i thought u say those flips on the roof .ok u say the light ya it broke while i was screw it in aish am sorry I forgot to tell u but we can arrange I replace it . [1/29, 20:32] Moshole Electrician: I was driving the time we chat. Sorry for that [1/31, 08:10] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Morn I'm not sure what tym r u coming. I thought u said 8am [3/30, 08:52] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Morn hope u gud. I hv seen some nice light fir replacement at least R250 each. Presently the guys. So kindly if u dont mind ewallet R500 will go buy ND keep receipts fir u. Then u will take these one u hv break. [3/30, 09:32] Moshole Electrician: Currently don't have it but I'll send it [3/30, 12:22] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: OK... At least wen... [3/30, 16:22] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Iyo dt is a bit difficult cos it's not saying anything. So will it be a month 2 months or u don't know🤷🏽‍♀️ [3/30, 16:26] Moshole Electrician: Am not refusing to replace ur light but communication is the best [3/30, 16:30] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: So r u saying I'm not communicating.. I'm not doing the wiring anymore.... Like I said I hv lot of things to do. But at the very same tym I neva said u will replace the lights wen u come for wiring. [3/30, 16:33] Moshole Electrician: About wiring o can't dictate u .but about light we agreed that wen I come for wiring. U know what I'll give ur 500 please [3/30, 16:34] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Wen the [3/30, 16:38] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: The is not need to be going around in circles. I hv to know wen r u going to pay so I buy them b4 I'm told they r out of stock [3/30, 16:40] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Can you make sure that at least by Friday you have settled [4/2, 10:38] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Morn May u indicated wen r u plannig to repay me [4/2, 10:38] Moshole Electrician: I don't have now [4/2, 10:38] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Wen next year [4/2, 10:40] Moshole Electrician: What r u trying to say [4/2, 10:46] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Becos u not given any date. U Jus telling me u don't hv. And it seems u just don't want to pay it. Or u told yoself u will pay on condition u come fix my connection. This is raising serious eyebrows especial since wen I told you denied it. Now u giving me the impression that u don't want to pay it. Cos this happen in. January ND now we on April. I feel it is jus disrespectful for u to give such answer. I'm sensing some arrogance. No sence of owning up. [4/2, 10:47] Moshole Electrician: U arrogant towards me u ordering me around [4/2, 10:49] Moshole Electrician: I said I'll pay ur 500 n an no longer gonna fix ur wiring anymore. I will pay u next week b4 Friday now y those guys lift ur job half [4/2, 10:50] Moshole Electrician: Now I c y those guys left ur job unfinished u bullying people n u think we desperate [4/2, 10:53] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: If u were a fair person u cud nit even took the whole payment. U left knowing the is a damaged u hv done and kept qiute thinking I was not going to see it. Cos u were suppose to say it immediately and we make arrangements on the money I have paid you. But cos u knew yo intension. dt is y u denied the first tym and now u giving me that lame answer. I think you will hv to go boro it. Please make sure by Wednesday you deposit the money. Let's not make things difficult for each other please. [4/2, 10:59] If Not Why Not👑❣️💫: Funny its only now u seeing I'm a bully after you broke my light ND no even notifying me. So if I'm a bully wat does that make you? A CROOK AND LIER? Simple pay my money and live a bully👍🏽🙏🏽 [4/2, 11:03] Moshole Electrician: Ok This is what happened. This guy did a job IN January and broke my lampshade and never said anything about.. I paid him. Now when he has to replace the shade he broke. He is avoiding me, and is calling me a bully. He was alwys late and have lousy excuses. He is very careless as you can read our what's up conversation. Living the main box open. Living wires hanging.. Now I'm finding it difficult to get the refund of the shade he broke. Now I'm forced to take legal steps against him. He is a crook and a lier. Till this date he has not replace or repay the shade. This happened IN January, and now it's April.
— in Naturena, Johannesburg
Papie  profile picture
Electrician, Garage and Gate Motor Specialist, Solar Specialist
12 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 54.6km from Vanderbijlpark
Papie did some electrical work for me as he fitted the power at my house. I was quite happy with the work because Papie did an outstanding job. The work was finished on time, what is more, the prices were affordable as well. I would recommend his work.
— in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Sibanda Nkosilamandla profile picture
Electrician, Solar Specialist
22 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 56.5km from Vanderbijlpark
Recent projects: tiling
He explained how the DB worked n gave me his number incase there r things that don't go well or if I needed assistance in future
— in Westonaria, Westonaria
Que  profile picture
Electrician, Handyman
6 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 44.6km from Vanderbijlpark
He is quite good a fault finding, we had previously contacted a different electrician and they were unable to diagnose the problem.
— in Zakariyya Park, Johannesburg
Peter Rusike  profile picture
Peter Rusike
Electrician, Garage and Gate Motor Specialist, Handyman +7 more
7 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 53.5km from Vanderbijlpark
All I can say is this guy is very professional, neat and makes sure the work is done to your expectations. He ask if its what I expected and gives room to allow you to explain what you want. I was very happy with his work and if anything arise will call him over again .
— in Florida, Roodepoort
Sibo  profile picture
Electrician, Welder, Garden Services +7 more
3 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 25.7km from Vanderbijlpark
Sibo is a passionate and dedicated electrician who has a vast knowledge of his job. He did electrical installations for my small commercial building and executed the job well. He is a reliable hard worker who is quick and efficient. His work is neat, and he cleans after himself. I do not have anything negative to say regarding his work. I have recommended him to a lot of people, and they were impressed.
— in Vanderbijlpark, Emfuleni
Lebo  profile picture
Electrician, Plumber, Solar Specialist +1 more
8 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 60.4km from Vanderbijlpark
William is somebody you can rely on at any time. He first came and prepared his work and once I had bought the material he came back and installed everything neatly. In the kitchen, I need the plugs to be moved to another position and he was understanding, he changed the position without any issues. Compared to other quotations, he was the better option because his labor was the cheapest and I purchased the material personally.
— in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Tina  profile picture
Electrician, Solar Specialist, Mover +7 more
11 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 75.8km from Vanderbijlpark
I'm always happy with the service that Tinashe rendered to me and everything he does is good. He does most of the electrical work for me at my house and he does the work well. His price is affordable and I am with what I pay him. He is a trustworthy person and he has never given me any reason to doubt him. Since when he fixed the electrical faults for me, everything has been working well and there were no problems. I have been recommending his services already to other people and they were impressed with his work.
— in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Rajie Ismail  profile picture
Rajie Ismail
Electrician, Welder, Cabinet Maker +4 more
3 reviews

✅  Generators

Usually 37.8km from Vanderbijlpark
Rajie did electrical wiring for all the rooms for student accommodation. He installed built-in cupboards and desks. He also did minor plumbing installations and painted the whole house that accommodates 22 students. He is good at what he does and works independently without supervision. He is skilled and can be trusted to start and finish a project within the agreed time. I can recommend his services.
— in Vanderbijlpark, Emfuleni

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Getting a generator installed

  • Generators have become popular in South Africa for people who need to have uninterrupted power when there is a power failure or load shedding.
  • To ensure that the generator installation does not pose a risk to you or your family, it is essential to have it safely installed by a professional.
  • Generators can run on different fuel types, such as diesel, natural gas, petrol, or propane.
  • A backup generator is one that you have to turn on manually when there is a power outage whereas a standby generator is one that will automatically switch on when a power failure is detected.
  • The generator can be installed to power only certain parts of the house, or certain devices or to power the entire home. This will affect the size and type of generator you need.

Maintaining your generator

  • Once your generator is installed, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure it will be there for you when you need it.
  • Consider scheduling an annual generator oil service, or for every 50-200 hours of operation.
  • Clean out all unused fuel from your generator when you turn it off, including in the fuel lines.
  • Store the generator in a cool dry place to prevent rusting and purchase a generator tent, cover or shed to protect your portable generator from the elements.

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