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10 Recently Hired Pros

4.86 β˜… from 38 reviews

Joel  profile picture
Life Coach
10 reviews
Usually 12.9km from Roodepoort
I am the CEO of a company and Joel is doing coaching for us at our company. He is helping us to put strategies in place to help the team to perform and overcome some obstacles and our team is becoming cohesive. He has helped us to grow the team, push the company in a certain direction and everyone knows what is expected. He is good at what he does and he is professional. His prices are reasonable and great value for money. I can recommend his services.
β€” in Honeydew Ridge, Roodepoort
Portia  profile picture
Life Coach
3 reviews
Usually 9.1km from Roodepoort
Portia gave me therapy on the problems that I was encountering. She was always on time for her appointments. She is patient, understanding and she makes you feel comfortable to share anything. I can recommend her services.
β€” in Cosmo City, Roodepoort
Michelle  profile picture
Life Coach, Business Consultant
3 reviews
Usually 10.2km from Roodepoort
Michelle does life coaching for our company. She reliable, professional, and has all the skills to do the work. Her prices are reasonable, she keeps all her appointments, and I have been using her for three years. I recommend her to others.
β€” in Randburg, Johannesburg
Nicky  profile picture
Life Coach, Other
4 reviews
Usually 14.2km from Roodepoort
I highly recommend Nicky as a life coach. She is amazing and working with her was a life-changing experience. She helped me in different areas of my life. I found her to be extremely personable, trustworthy and always encouraging. Her services are very affordable.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Annelize Ploos Van Amstel  profile picture
Annelize Ploos Van Amstel
Life Coach, Other
3 reviews
Usually 18.3km from Roodepoort
Anneline has changed our lives with her life coaching sessions. She has helped me together with my husband. She is friendly and comfortable to work with. I have no complaints about her services as it has been worth using her services for the better transformation of our lives. I recommend her great work.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Ramsey Ramathibela  profile picture
Ramsey Ramathibela
Life Coach, Event Planner, Specialist Cleaner +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 18.3km from Roodepoort
Ramsey brought a positive impact on my life, he is a highly qualified coach and he came through the time l needed him most. I got him through a referral and l did a few sessions with were very helpful, ever since I have used his services, l have managed to control my stress level and to openly talk to others. He has good listening skills and he works professionally. He is a cheerful person who takes his job seriously and he does not charge exorbitant prices for the service.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Njabs  profile picture
Life Coach, Counsellor, Garden Waste Removal +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 18.3km from Roodepoort
Njabulo did paving and painting services at my house. He painted the inside of the house only and he covered the furniture and floor before he started painting. He cleaned up after he was done with work. He was communicating well with me and he was also working well with his team. His pricing was reasonable compared to other painters and pavers.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Doric Sithole  profile picture
Doric Sithole
Life Coach, Event Planner
3 reviews
Usually 18.3km from Roodepoort
Doric was recommended by a client, when she came through my life was a mess. She is an experienced and trusted advisor, l call her my professor because she brought an impact on my life. She is a good listener who pays attention and she helped me on improving my communication skills. She advises me on my business as well as family affairs and after every session with her l feel a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. l am now able to socialize with others and my business has improved. I appreciate her great work, she is a pleasant person to work with and l recommend her highly.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Kholeka C Ngubeni-Henderson  profile picture
Kholeka C Ngubeni-Henderson
Life Coach, Business Consultant, HR Consultant
3 reviews
Usually 18.7km from Roodepoort
Kholeka is a good service provider, she has been giving me personal life coaching and she is professional. She is always there when I need her services, she is professional and reliable. Kholeka is considerate, confidential and her prices are reasonable. I can recommend her to other people.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Sihlobo  profile picture
Life Coach
3 reviews
Usually 25.7km from Roodepoort
I used Sihlobo for some life coaching services. She is reliable, professional, and good at what she does. Her approach at clients is impressive, she listens attentively, and charges reasonable prices. I recommend her to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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5 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach

  • Set goals - A good life coach will work with you to identify your goals and help you prioritize these goals so that you can focus your efforts to achieve them.
  • Accountability - A life coach will hold you accountable for your actions and will challenge you to keep progressing
  • Support - Life coaches are a pillar of support and a source of comfort as you move into the different phases of your personal and professional growth.
  • Change your mindset - Hiring a life coach will help you change your thought processes and mindset to become a more positive version of yourself which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Regain your confidence - LAck of self-confidence can be very destructive to your mental well-being. A Life coach will help build your confidence up and regain your self-esteem so you can be the best version of yourself.
  • Coping skills - Life coaches can help you prepare for potential challenges you might face in the future as well as work through and move on from previous obstacles you have already experienced.

Types Of Life Coaches

  • Career path life coaches - these are helpful for people who are struggling with career issues or setbacks like making tough decisions about career changes or retirement
  • Financial life coaches - a financial coach helps people with money management issues to help them meet long-term financial goals.
  • Family and relationship life coaches - this type of life coached facilitates conversations between couples and family members who are having communication issues in an effort to resolve conflict and strengthen relationships.
  • Stress management life coaches - teach people specific skills related to managing their stress, stress-related triggers, anger and improving communication in an attempt to minimise stress.
  • Spirituality life coaches - spiritual coaches help those who are seeking enlightenment, fulfilment or are searching for a deeper meaning in life.
  • Mental health life coaches - these coaches are equipped to handle people with specific issues like grief, anger or conflict resolution.

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