How Much Are Carpet Cleaning Prices?

Per square meter R10.00 – R25.00
Per room R120.00 – R300.00
Per hour R120.00 – R300.00

Carpets and rugs can transform a home or office. Unfortunately, they can also cost an arm and a leg. Before you spend money on replacing your carpets – rather invest in carpet cleaning services to professionally clean your carpets and make them look brand new.

Having your carpets cleaned frequently is a cost-effective way to ensure they look vibrant and new. Carpet cleaning services have years of experience and are trained to use specific cleaning products that are best suited for the type for carpet that needs to be cleaned. Professional carpet cleaning services take care of general cleaning, odour removal, as well as pet, food, drink, oil, grease, and water damage.

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    Factors affecting carpet cleaning prices.

    The most impactful factor in the price that carpet cleaning services will charge is the size of the home or office. Basically, how much carpet space needs to be cleaned. The more rooms or carpeted areas there are, the higher the quote will be.

    Property layout

    Big square areas that are easy to reach and clean it will take a shorter time to which means the carpet cleaning companies need less labour so the carpet cleaning price will more than likely be less. For more complicated spaces,


    Cleaning carpeted stairs require more labour, time and often specialised tools – all of which the carpet cleaning services will have to charge for.


    Hard to remove stains, like red wine or pet stains, stubborn spots and other bad odours often require extra time and specialised products to completely remove the stain. The more severe the stains are, the more the carpet cleaning companies will charge.

    The type of carpet

    The density and carpet fibres can greatly impact the cost to clean your carpets. There are several different methods that can be used to clean a carpet. These include hot water extraction, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and other special techniques.

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