Prices for roof repairs in 2023: How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost?

The average roof repair cost in South Africa R70.00 – R100.00 per square meter

Roof repairs can be a very dangerous job. Which is why it requires special safety precautions and knowledge that your average homeowner doesn’t have. It’s important to repair a damaged roof promptly. Even the smallest leak can cause significant damage. A Kandua roof repairs pro will be able to spot the source of the leak, damage or hole and repair it correctly. They’ll also be able to identify potential problem areas that can cause future damage.

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    Common Roof Repairs

    Roof repairs are typically water damage, leaks, or missing or damaged shingles. Depending on the cause of damage to your roof, you may be able to cover all or part of the cost with insurance. Most common roof repairs include:

    Missing tiles or shingles – Loose flashing – Sagging roof – Leaks – Wear and Tear

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    Factors That Affect You Roof Repairs Cost

    Size and type of roof

    The simpler the roof, the simpler the repair job. If you have a small, flat roof then that would cost a lot less than the same size roof with a very high pitch. For bigger roofs that involve more manpower and labour, the cost

    Materials used

    Asphalt, slate, tile, and metal are the most common types of materials used. Each one has different pros and cons and more importantly, costs. The more expensive the material, the more your roof repairs will cost.

    The extent of the damage

    The nature of the damage will also greatly impact the cost to repair the roof. Replacing a few tiles will be relatively inexpensive. However, if there is water damage or the roof is sagging – then this will cost a lot more.

    Chimney and skylights

    These types of add ons or roof elements will affect the roof repair cost that your roofing company quotes you. Especially if they also need to be repaired or replaced. But, even if they don’t need to be repaired, the roofer will still have to work around them which will increase labour costs.

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    Maintaining Your Roof

    A roof repair pro can also perform routine roof maintenance and cleaning. On average, a roof will need to be replaced every 15 years. As you’ve guessed, this is quite a pricey job. But, inspecting your roof once a year can help you spot areas that you can patch up and repair before they cause leaks and damage your home.

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    Hiring Roof Repairs Company

    When hiring a roofing contractor, check their references so you can find out what kind of work the pro delivers. has a list of trusted, experienced and affordable roofing experts across the country.  You can find the perfect pro for the job in a few minutes. All you have to do is:

    • Answer a few questions about your roof.
    • Supply your contact details so that pros can contact you.
    • Get quotes from the best roofing contractors near you.
    • Read their online reviews.

    We service the following cities:

    Johannesburg roof repairs
    Pretoria roof repairs
    Cape Town roof repairs
    Durban roof repairs

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