How Much Does Waterproofing Cost?

South African average rate (per sqm)  R130.00
Installation costs range (per sqm)  R75 – R240
Mid level (per sqm) R140.00
High level (per sqm) R240.00

This is an estimate of the waterproofing cost of labour per square meter – based multiple quotes supplied through Kandua. Pros will more than likely need to see the job before they can quote accurately.

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    When should you hire a waterproofer?

    We recommend taking a stroll around your home on a regular basis and keep an eye open for any signs of waterproofing. The earlier you spot any problems the less the waterproofing cost due to damage will be. If you spot any of these issues, you may need a waterproofing expert:

     Peeling paint or water bubbles

     Mold, mildew, and vegetative growth

     Cracked walls

     Wood rot

     Damp or watermarks

     Stains and rust


    It is always better to prevent waterproofing issues from happening. This is a good way to reduce your waterproofing price. So, if you’re starting construction on a new home or you’re doing any renovations, consult with a waterproofing expert beforehand to find out if you need to do any waterproofing work done. If you do, has a variety of waterproofing professionals with excellent reviews for you to get the best waterproofing prices.

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    6 Tips for hiring the best waterproofer for the job

    Get quotes – Get as many waterproofing quotes as you can. is a great platform for this as you can get multiple quotes in under 60 seconds and then compare the waterproofing cost from pros.

    Pricing – Don’t make your choice based on price alone. The cheapest waterproofing price might not be the worst choice – likewise, the most expensive quote doesn’t guarantee the best workmanship.

    Reviews – Look for waterproofers with excellent reviews. Their reviews will give you a good indication of their workmanship as well as their work ethic.

    Experience – When getting a waterproofing cost, ask each company how long they have been in business for and what areas of waterproofing they specialise in. The longer they have been around, the more experience they are likely to have.

    Materials – Find out from the waterproofing contractor what materials they use. Do your research and find out if these materials are of good quality or not. Your local hardware store like Leroy Merlin might be able to help you with this information.

    Warranties – Speak to the waterproofing companies you are considering hiring. Find out from them if the waterproofing cost includes a warranty and if so, how does it cover the workmanship as well as the materials. Make sure you know how long you are covered for.

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    Types of waterproofing

    There are two main varieties of waterproofing: liquid-based waterproofing membranes as well as sheet based ones.

    Liquid applied waterproofing membranes – This is either sprayed on or brushed on to surfaces. The thickness of the membrane can be controlled by applying more or less liquid to specific areas. Be cautious of making the membrane too thin as thin membranes are likely to tear which means water will be able to get underneath and cause damage. Contractors generally prefer liquid membranes because they form a joint free, seamless membrane.

    Sheet applied waterproofing membranes – This kind of waterproofing comes in sheets and is rolled out onto the specific area that is going to waterproofed. Then the waterproofing sheets are applied using a blow torch. In most cases, waterproofers will allow for an overlap that when heated forms a waterproof joint. As a result, water is unable to seep in through the sheets.

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    Good quality waterproofing should have the following properties:

    UV protective – Exposure to constant sunlight can cause damage to the waterproofing which is why it needs to be UV resistant to prevent any sun damage.

    Elasticity – The membrane needs to have some flexibility. This is to ensure that it can move and expand with the foundation and stretch over cracks.

    Tear-proof – You’ll want to use waterproofing that won’t tear. The membrane often stretches and you don’t want it to rip and allow water to flow in.

    Breathable – Some membranes are designed to be breathable. This means the membranes allow water to pass through them in the form of vapour so that if water does get through, it doesn’t sit stagnant on the structure. has a list of vetted, background checked waterproofing pros around South Africa that are perfect for the job. You can get multiple waterproofing prices in 1 minute or less. All you have to do is:

    1 Search for a waterproofer near you.

    2 Answer a few simple questions about your waterproofing job.

    3 Supply your contact details so pros can get hold of you.

    4 Get connected to vetted and reviewed waterproofers.

    5 Read their online reviews.

    6 Areas we service: Johannesburg waterproofing – Pretoria waterproofing – Cape Town waterproofing – Durban waterproofing

    If you have any questions on hiring a panel beater, or how works – we’ve got the answers for you on our FAQ page

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