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Lammy Tsebe  profile picture
Lammy Tsebe
Handyman, Flooring Specialist, Carpet Cleaner +7 more
35 reviews
Usually 10.1km from Kempton Park
I did not have to go check up on him when he was working on the car because i trusted his expertise and He delivered - Now my car smells fresh and its immaculate.
in Kempton Park, Kempton Park
Mathews  profile picture
Handyman, Painter, Tiler +7 more
7 reviews
Usually 13.4km from Kempton Park
Mathews is professional in every sense. We are happy to continue partnering with Mathews into the future
in Modderfontein, Johannesburg
Junior  profile picture
Handyman, Tiler, Builder +7 more
11 reviews
Usually 13.4km from Kempton Park
He built a swimming pool for me and he did a good job. It took him two weeks to finish everything. He was very professional, always on time and I did not have any problems with him His price as reasonable and the work that he did was worth it. I can recommend him to anyone.
in Kempton Park, Kempton Park
Alocious Ndhlovu  profile picture
Alocious Ndhlovu
Handyman, Bathroom Specialist, Blinds Specialist +7 more
8 reviews
Usually 18.2km from Kempton Park
Aloisius is an experienced and skilled artisan. He is versatile and able to to complex renovation work. I was recommended him due to his trustworthiness and ability to do a good job.
in Lone Hill, Sandton
Gondai Ndaremba  profile picture
Gondai Ndaremba
Handyman, Painter, Wallpaper Installer +7 more
7 reviews
Usually 20.9km from Kempton Park
He was on time and completed a sterling job. He even brought his own ladder to get to the top. Very good job
in Edenburg, Sandton
Navie  profile picture
Handyman, Roofer, Gutter Specialist +6 more
4 reviews
Usually 5.5km from Kempton Park
I have used his services a couple of times, and I am always satisfied with his work. He did some painting, installation door latches, and grouting. Navie is very good at what he does, and he is very meticulously. I find him to be a trustworthy person because he has never given me a reason not to trust him. His work is up to standard, and I do not hesitate to recommend him.
in Rosebank, Randburg
Bothwell  profile picture
Handyman, Wallpaper Installer, Renovator +7 more
7 reviews
Usually 15.9km from Kempton Park
Fobo Construction I never had problems with them when I gave them a project. I’m happy with their job, awesome work!
in Midrand, Johannesburg
Chris  profile picture
Handyman, Bricklayer, Bathroom Specialist +5 more
3 reviews
Usually 1.8km from Kempton Park
I have been using Chris for quiete some time. He once did plumbing for me and now he did my cupboards. He fixed the cupboards for me from scratch and his work is very neat that I can't complain. He is very professional and knows his thing. He is very panctual and always on time. I highly recommend Chris.
in Kempton Park, Kempton Park
Timothy  profile picture
Handyman, Kitchen Specialist, Carpenter +7 more
8 reviews
Usually 16.5km from Kempton Park
I hired Timothy to do plumbing and tiling in my kitchen. He was so accomodating, professional, and willing to assist given the circumstances. The tiling was impeccable, he completed the work quickly and with no mess. He is very reliable, honest and his pricing was very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other people.
in Germiston, Germiston
Owen Jack Mulaudzi  profile picture
Owen Jack Mulaudzi
Handyman, Carpenter, Bathroom Specialist +7 more
5 reviews
Usually 20.2km from Kempton Park
He worked quickly efficiently and if we didn’t have the correct fitting he would adapt what he had to work. I’m happy to recommend Jack.
in Kyalami AH, Midrand

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Handyman Kempton Park: Your Versatile Home Service Expert

  • Maintaining and upgrading your home in Kempton Park can sometimes seem like an endless task. But with the right support, it becomes a breeze. There are numerous benefits of using handyman services and they have an expansive range of tasks they can do. A proficient handyman in Kempton Park is an indispensable ally in ensuring your home remains the envy of your neighbours.

The Array of Services Offered by a Handyman

  • A handyman's versatility is truly awe-inspiring. Let's delve into the extensive range of services they provide:
  • Home Repairs: This ranges from the simple tasks like mending a leaky tap to the slightly more complex, such as rectifying malfunctioning electrical sockets or remedying damaged drywall.
  • Maintenance Chores: Keeping your home pristine requires ongoing maintenance. A handyman excels in duties such as clearing gutters, sealing windows, or inspecting roofs.
  • Assembling and Setting Up: Whether it's piecing together furniture, ensuring your television is safely wall-mounted, or installing new shelves, a handyman is the person for the job.
  • Decorating and Woodwork: Need a room repainted or a custom wooden shelf? Handymen are adept at both painting and carpentry, offering an aesthetic touch to your living space.
  • Plumbing and Electrics: A lot of handymen can tackle basic plumbing and electrical tasks, be it sorting a constantly flushing toilet or swapping out a dated light fitting.

Why Trust a Handyman in Kempton Park

  • Efficiency and Time-saving: Having a handyman means you can delegate tasks. This ensures tasks are done promptly, letting you dedicate your time elsewhere.
  • Diverse Skill Set: The beauty of a handyman lies in their multi-faceted skill set, making them perfect for numerous jobs around the house.
  • Economic Sense: Instead of hiring various experts for different jobs, one handyman can often do it all, saving you money in the process.
  • Expertise: With a professional touch, you can be assured of top-quality work, minimising the chances of repeated issues.
  • Prioritising Safety: Especially crucial for tasks like electrical work or structural modifications, handymen ensure that everything is up to code and safe.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Engaging regular handyman services can help spot potential issues, addressing them before they escalate.
  • These services are available in the following areas: Birch Acres, Birchleigh, Bonaero Park, Glen Marais, Norkem Park, Edleen, Aston Manor, Croydon, Bredell, Allen Grove, Aston Manor, and Cresslawn.

The Significance of a Proficient Handyman

  • Sure, DIY has its charm, but roping in a professional handyman in Kempton Park brings numerous advantages. Their extensive knowledge, meticulous approach, and ability to handle a wide range of tasks make them a pivotal part of any home improvement or maintenance venture.
  • So, the next time you're faced with a home project, remember there's a handyman in Kempton Park ready to make life easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does a handyman in Kempton Park offer?

Handymen in Kempton Park provide a wide range of services , including home repairs, maintenance, assembly, installation, and minor plumbing and electrical work.

Is hiring a handyman more cost-effective than hiring multiple specialists?

Yes, hiring a handyman is often more cost-effective because they can handle various tasks, reducing the need to hire multiple specialists for different jobs.

Do handymen in Kempton Park charge hourly or by the project?

Handymen may charge either hourly rates or flat fees for specific projects. It's important to discuss pricing and payment terms with the handyman before hiring.

What types of home repairs can a handyman in Kempton Park handle?

Handymen can handle a wide range of home repairs, including fixing leaky faucets, repairing drywall, addressing minor electrical issues, and more.

Can a handyman help with home improvement projects in Kempton Park?

Yes, handymen can assist with various home improvement projects, such as painting, carpentry work, and small renovations.

Are handymen in Kempton Park licensed and insured?

It's important to ask potential handymen about their licensing and insurance to ensure you're working with a qualified and protected professional.

How do I schedule a service with a handyman in Kempton Park?

You can typically schedule a service with a handyman by contacting them directly or using a platform that connects you with local professionals.

What should I do in case of an emergency repair in Kempton Park?

If you have an emergency repair, such as a burst pipe or electrical issue, contact a handyman in Kempton Park immediately for assistance. They often offer emergency services to address urgent issues.

Other handyman requests on Kandua

Hello sir/madam. We would like you to assist us. We are in a process of creating a landing pad for our drone and we want to spray paint our logo on it, and do the lighting kind of Helipad. We would appreciate if you can gent in contact with us.
in Kempton Park
This is from my tenant. Please can you send someone to my unit to check the back door at the bottom as all the rain keeps pouring in which I have to constantly lay towels down to keep it from coming in and damaging the tiles and soaks the towels. This was reported to Daniel end Nov 2021 but no one has come to fix it. The second bedroom door sticks when you open it on the tiles. This has just started happening as well as the cold tap in the upstairs bathroom as you have to keep turning the tap until the water comes out. The trimming on the kitchen cupboards have come loose again. Daniel sent Schalk to fix them in 2021 but the problem has started again. This has been an ongoing problem. Please can you send someone either tomorrow or Friday it would be much appreciated.
in Kempton Park
I have a few odd jobs around the house that i require a handyman for. 1)Fixing cupboard hinges 2)Tightening taps 3)Hanging/installing new towel rails in the bathroom 4)Fixing a door frame of a door outside the house as the door doesn't stay shut anymore.
in Kempton Park