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4.8 ★ from 35 reviews

Rishal  profile picture
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician
5 reviews
Usually 6.6km from Umhlanga
He is a great mechanic. I don't worry about anything when he touches my car. He reassures me every time which makes me confident that my will come back in great condition. I drop it off early morning, midday he calls and says come fetch your car. He is fast and affordable. See you in 2weeks my guy.
in Phoenix, Durban
Luke  profile picture
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician
3 reviews
Usually 9.3km from Umhlanga
Luke is always available to assist when needed. He offers excellent service and he is a great communicator.
in Phoenix, Durban
Shevon Moodley  profile picture
Shevon Moodley
Mechanic, Builder, Tiler +7 more
4 reviews
Usually 18.2km from Umhlanga
l engaged Shevon to assist me with catering services, and she did a great job. The job was well done and completed within the agreed time. Her work is excellent, and she delivers according to the specifications. I find her trustworthy because l gave her money to buy what was needed, and she delivered what she promised. She is professional, reliable, and punctual. Her services are good, and l can recommend her to anyone.
in Durban, Durban
Big Sam  profile picture
Big Sam
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Panel Beater
3 reviews
Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
Big Sam does all the car repairs whenever I have a problem. He is professional, hardworking, and delivers quality work. His workmanship is good, he does the work promptly, and delivers within the agreed timelines. His prices are reasonable, he works well without supervision, and delivers quality work. His work is neat, and I recommend him to others.
in Durban, Durban
Titus  profile picture
Mechanic, Panel Beater
4 reviews
Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
Titus is a good service provider, he did an engine overall and it is an excellent job. I haven't experienced any problems since he did the job. His quote was reasonable, I was referred to him by my panel beater who emphasized that he would do a great job, he didn't disappoint and I can recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Oz  profile picture
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Tow Truck
3 reviews
Usually 17.0km from Umhlanga
I was satisfied and very happy with the service that Oz rendered to me. They did the mechanical work and they did the job well. Their price was very affordable and it was worth the job that they did. Someone referred them and upon engaging them they were punctual. They were trustworthy and never gave me any reasons to doubt them. They gave me a schedule on when they would finish the job and they managed to meet it. The experience that I had with them was fantastic therefore I would recommend them.
in Durban, Durban
Gmd Motor Mechanic  profile picture
Gmd Motor Mechanic
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician
3 reviews
Usually 16.0km from Umhlanga
He is friendly polite and knows how to work with people. Always on time and knows how to manage his team very well. He didn't need to be managed. I trust him with my car. I would recommend him to people.
in Durban Central, Durban
Steve  profile picture
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Other
4 reviews
Usually 15.6km from Umhlanga
I have been using Steve for a long time now and i have never had any problems with him. His knows his work very well and he is reliable. He responds immediately when you need him and his working hours are flexible. . His prices are very reasonable compared to other mechanics and i would definitely recommend him to other people.
in Durban, Durban
Sindy Pillay  profile picture
Sindy Pillay
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician
3 reviews
Usually 10.3km from Umhlanga
She educated me very well, and she didn't need to be managed. Her pricing is really good. She has a great knowledge of cars and she did a good job on my car. I would recommend him to people.
in Phoenix, Durban
Teddy Shingirayi Makaha  profile picture
Teddy Shingirayi Makaha
Mechanic, Automotive Electrician
3 reviews
Usually 9.3km from Umhlanga
Teddy repaired the gear box on the car, since he did the job I haven't encountered any problems. His quote was reasonable, and he is knowledgeable of his work. He is trustworthy and I can recommend him to anyone.
in Phoenix, Durban

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How do you know your rims need repair?

  • Potholes, curbs, and other driving hazards have the capacity to bend or damage your car’s rims. Rims are expensive to replace and easy to damage, making them an essential point in automotive repair. Thankfully, bent rims can often be serviced by a mechanic.
  • If you hit a bump in the road and your vehicle immediately starts driving differently, this could be a clear sign that you have bent or damaged one of your rims. There is also a possibility that you’ve got a flat tire, an alignment issue, a damaged wheel, or a tyre problem.

Is a damaged rim serious?

  • Even a minor bend in your rim can spell serious trouble for your vehicle when left unrepaired.
  • The change in road vibrations and driving patterns can cause issues with your vehicle’s axles, damage your healthy tyres, disrupt your driveshaft, and so much more.
  • You will likely find these resulting damages to be much more costly than repairing your bent rim.
  • Once you notice an issue with the structure of your wheel, it is essential that you have it seen by a professional as soon as possible.

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