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Godfrey Motloutsi  profile picture
Godfrey Motloutsi
Rubble Removal, Landscaper, Garden Waste Removal +2 more
87 reviews
Usually 17.3km from Alberton
Godfrey manage his crew he supervise his guys within no time they are done .my pavement is supper clean
β€” in Edenvale, Edenvale
Protus Ndlanzi  profile picture
Protus Ndlanzi
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal
3 reviews
Usually 5.7km from Alberton
I have worked with him several times and he offers a variety of construction services. The last project we worked on together is when he demolished an apartment and removed the rubbles. He is trustworthy when it comes to working with him. He is always punctual and most of all he is always ready to adjust to every call in case there is a need to work till later than the scheduled time.
β€” in Alberton, Alberton
Mandla Madlala  profile picture
Mandla Madlala
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal
5 reviews
Usually 13.9km from Alberton
He is very good at what he does and I don't have any complains regarding him and his services, he is very professional and always on time. He is my go to guy and I am very happy with his services. I can highly recommend him to anyone.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Kelvin Musarurwa  profile picture
Kelvin Musarurwa
Rubble Removal, Mover, Garden Waste Removal +1 more
3 reviews
Usually 10.6km from Alberton
Kelvin did some work for me three months back he was removing rubbles in Heidelberg there were some renovations taking place it took him three days to complete the work everything was cleared up perfectly without leaving a mess. I was happy with his service it was efficient he worked hard and did his best to make it in time I would love to work with him again because he is friendly and polite.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Mike  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Painter, Tiler +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 11.6km from Alberton
They are professional builders who take pride in their work, and Mike is one of them. He renovated a residential building and did the tilling of floors, and painted the walls, and he did a remarkable job for me. I am a contractor in the building and l subcontract him to do the renovations from time to time and l do not have any complaints about his work. His commitment is on another level because he finished the project earlier than the expected time.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Mundeta  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Painter
3 reviews
Usually 11.6km from Alberton
We met in a bank, and during our conversation, he told me about his business. Later on, l hired Mundeta, and he installed gas on my fridge. He did a good job, and l can recommend him because he has sober habits. He gives a guarantee of his work, and he checks in for performance, which l liked most.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Alpha  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal, Pool and Pond Maintenance +1 more
3 reviews
Usually 11.6km from Alberton
He is good an I haven't had any problems regarding him and his services, he was on time and he is someone you can negotiate with in terms of price. I can recommend his services
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Watmore Muranga  profile picture
Watmore Muranga
Rubble Removal, Mover, Garden Waste Removal +3 more
4 reviews
Usually 15.1km from Alberton
I always use him to deliver construction materials for me. He is timeous, professional, and pays attention to all the instructions. The prices he charges are reasonable, he delivers within the agreed timelines, and I have never had any problems with his services. I recommend him to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Yaseen  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Tree Feller, Other +1 more
3 reviews
Usually 11.6km from Alberton
I used Yaseen to deliver materials, demolish structures, and remove rubbles on construction sites for me. He is reliable, quick, and charges reasonable prices. He pays attention to instructions, delivers accordingly, and charges reasonable prices. I recommend him to others.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Kelly  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal, Mover +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 13.7km from Alberton
Kelly does some deliveries for me and he also transports my goods like solar panels. His services are very affordable, I do not have any problems with him. He delivers my stuff on time and in a very clean state. I trust Kelly and I would recommend his services to other people.
β€” in Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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Streamline Cleanup with Professional Rubble Removal in Alberton (1447)

  • Navigating the results of the construction, renovation, or even just the general tidying up of your property in Alberton can be daunting. But there's a solution. By hiring professional rubble removal services, you can efficiently and safely streamline the cleanup process.

Why Rubble Removal Services are a Game-Changer

  • Hiring a professional rubble removal company in Alberton offers a variety of benefits, including:
  • Speed and Efficiency: Rubble removal experts have not only the manpower but also the right equipment and streamlined procedures to promptly eliminate debris. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort.
  • Prioritising Safety: Dealing with vast amounts of rubble can be a strenuous and potentially hazardous task if not done appropriately. Professionals are equipped with techniques that prioritise safety during the removal process.
  • Ethical Disposal: Seasoned contractors are adept at knowing how to dispose of varied types of waste in alignment with local guidelines and recycling possibilities.
  • Adaptability: Premium service providers extend a gamut of services that are molded according to diverse needs - be it clearing out construction debris or the removal of old household items.

A Variety of Rubble Removal Services

  • Specialist rubble removal services in Alberton offer a broad spectrum of services to match your needs.
  • Construction Site Cleanup: Whether it's a big or small construction project, a rubble removal agency in Alberton is proficient at cleaning up materials like bricks, concrete, timber, plasterboard, and other residual building debris. Their advanced machinery ensures efficient transportation of materials.
  • Household Cleanouts: If you're in the process of decluttering your home or gearing up for relocation, rubble removal services in Alberton are the go-to solution for clearing out unwanted household objects.
  • Garden Refuse Removal: Garden waste such as tree branches, leaves, compost, and soil can pile up at a remarkable pace. Professional rubble removal squads possess the apparatus to promptly clear and responsibly dispose of garden waste, ensuring your garden remains immaculate.
  • Demolition Cleanup: Post-demolition, these contractors manage all facets of rubble transportation and disposal, swiftly cleansing the site to pave the way for new construction or landscaping ventures.
  • Commercial Debris Removal: Commercial entities, including manufacturing units, construction agencies, and retail outlets, can avail of professional help in clearing out industrial debris, pipes, packaging materials and more, thereby maintaining pristine surroundings.
  • Such services are accessible across various areas in Alberton: Alberante, Albermarle, Albertsdal, Alberton North, Alrode, Brackendowns, Brackenhurst, Eden Park, Florentia, Mayberry Park, Meyersdal, New Redruth, Palm Ridge, Randhart, Raceview, South Crest, Thokoza, and Verwoerdpark.

The Value of Professionalism in Alberton

  • Relying on a seasoned rubble removal establishment in Alberton has many advantages:
  • Proficiency: Reputable contractors have accumulated a wealth of experience, ensuring waste clearance aligns with client expectations.
  • Time Conservation: Engaging in DIY removal of extensive rubble can be extremely time-consuming. Professionals, with their advanced tools, are known for their speed and efficacy.
  • Resource Access: Established agencies are equipped with trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, and machinery to seamlessly manage large and hefty materials.
  • Financial Prudence: When you consider expenses related to personal transporation, such as leasing charges and fuel, professionals tend to be competitively priced.
  • Ease and Comfort: Considering the physically challenging nature of rubble removal, it's a bonus to have experts manage the grunt work while you concentrate on other things.
  • These experts ensure precision, safety, and ultimately, peace of mind and a space that is pristine and ready for your next venture. And, if you're ever in doubt, platforms like Kandua can further assist in making your decision. Always remember, when it comes to clearing debris responsibly, it's best to leave it to the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rubble removal, and why is it needed in Alberton?

Rubble removal involves the clearing and disposal of debris, waste, or unwanted materials from a property. It's needed to maintain cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics in Alberton.

How much does rubble removal cost in Alberton?

The cost of rubble removal in Alberton varies depending on factors like the volume of rubble, the type of waste, and the location. It's best to request quotes from local contractors for accurate pricing.

What types of materials can be removed during rubble removal in Alberton?

Rubble removal services in Alberton can handle a wide range of materials, including construction debris, garden waste, old furniture, appliances, and general clutter.

Do I need to sort my rubble before hiring a removal service in Alberton?

Sorting rubble can be helpful, but many removal services are equipped to handle mixed materials. It's a good practice to discuss your specific requirements with the contractor.

Can I schedule a specific time for rubble removal in Alberton?

Most rubble removal services in Alberton offer flexible scheduling options. You can discuss a convenient time with the contractor based on your needs.

How do I prepare for a rubble removal service in Alberton?

To prepare for rubble removal, ensure that the area is accessible, and the debris is piled or placed in a designated spot for easy loading.

Is there a weight limit for rubble removal in Alberton?

Weight limits may apply, depending on the service provider and the type of waste. Discuss weight limits and disposal options with the contractor.

What happens to the rubble after removal in Alberton?

After removal, the rubble is typically taken to a recycling facility or a landfill, depending on the type of waste and local regulations.

Are there any restrictions on the type of waste that can be removed in Alberton?

Some hasardous materials and chemicals may have restrictions. It's essential to inform the removal service about the type of waste you need to dispose of to ensure compliance.

Is it better to hire a professional for rubble removal in Alberton, or can I do it myself?

Hiring a professional for rubble removal is often the best choice because they have the expertise, equipment, and disposal methods to ensure safe and efficient removal. It also saves you time and effort compared to a DIY approach.

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