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4.83 ★ from 131 reviews

Godfrey Motloutsi  profile picture
Godfrey Motloutsi
Rubble Removal, Landscaper, Garden Waste Removal +2 more
87 reviews
Usually 23.1km from Edenvale
Godfrey manage his crew he supervise his guys within no time they are done .my pavement is supper clean
in Edenvale, Edenvale
Mandla Madlala  profile picture
Mandla Madlala
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal
5 reviews
Usually 3.9km from Edenvale
I have been working with Mandla for the past three years, I am in construction and I use his services on my sites. He also removes the green waste at a complex for me, I call him and ask him to come through and he will come and remove the waste without a problem. He communicates well and will inform me of any delays or if he cannot come through on a specific day. Mandela is reliable, trustworthy and punctual for work. His prices are good, market related. He really is good.
in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Lutendo  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Mover, Tree Feller +7 more
4 reviews
Usually 3.7km from Edenvale
His services are good, he really did an excellent job for me at an affordable price. He is the best I recommend to him.
in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Farai Makechana  profile picture
Farai Makechana
Rubble Removal, Landscaper, Garden Waste Removal +2 more
10 reviews
Usually 13.3km from Edenvale
He is really trustworthy cause he deals with all our clients and they are all happy with his services. We have never had any problems with him. He is dedicated and very much reliable. He is punctual and polite. Highly recommended.
in East Rand Proprietary Mines, Boksburg
Taps  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Electrician, Fridge and Aircon Repairer +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 4.8km from Edenvale
l had a birthday l hired Tapiwanashe to do a photo shooting. He did an outstanding job l was impressed with his services. He is a professional who knows his job well Tapiwa is a trustworthy person because he came earlier to do his set up, and the job was well done exactly the way l wanted. The quality of his work is excellent, and l am planning to use him on my Anniversary. His prices were affordable compared to other l highly recommend him.
in Primrose, Germiston
Collin Jash profile picture
Rubble Removal, Other, Garden Waste Removal
9 reviews
Usually 12.1km from Edenvale
Recent projects: dstv installing
He is very professional. I never have to follow-up with Collin - he is reliable, punctual and trustworthy. I have used him for several jobs and will use him again.
in Rosebank, Randburg
Tiri  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Renovator, Builder +1 more
4 reviews
Usually 10.3km from Edenvale
Tiri built a double story house for me in Harties and executed the job well. He has extensive knowledge of his work, and his quality of work is outstanding. He is a reliable hard worker who pays attention to detail. He communicated well throughout the project, and I was impressed. He was hands-on and had a great team that performed well without supervision. He goes the extra mile to get the job done. His prices are reasonable and negotiable. I can recommend his services.
in Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Sibusiso Msiza  profile picture
Sibusiso Msiza
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal, Mover +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 8.9km from Edenvale
I was renovating my house an d He came to do the rubble removal. He was working alone so it took him about half a day to finish the work. He did a good job and I was impressed with the service that he rendered to me. The price thatvhe charged me was reasonble and I don't have any complaints. I can definitely recommend him to anyone who may need his services.
in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg
Precious  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal, Renovator +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 9.6km from Edenvale
I used Precious to do garden waste removals at our company. She is our go-to person for all the waste removals. Her work is thorough, she does the work quickly, and her work is thorough. I have never had any problem with her work, and I recommend her to others.
in Midrand, Johannesburg
Agrippa  profile picture
Rubble Removal, Paver, Tar Surfacing Specialist +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 7.4km from Edenvale
He is a good guy and his work is good too. I have never had any problems with him nor the work he does. He is always on time and that is very amazing. I would use him again.
in Rosettenville, Johannesburg

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Rubble Removal in Edenvale (1609): Streamlining Cleanup Efforts

  • In any community, the sight of scattered debris, torn down walls, or garden waste is not uncommon. These are typically by-products of development and progress. However, many property owners and business owners may be put off by the overwhelming nature of cleaning up this mess. Experts in the field of rubble removal are ready to help. This service has been widely adopted in Edenvale because of how convenient it makes property cleanup there.

The Expertise of Rubble Removal Contractors

  • Rubble removal contractors in Edenvale offer a variety of specialised services tailored to specific needs:
  • Construction Site Cleanup: Their bread and butter, contractors, are adept at eliminating construction waste such as bricks, cement, timber, and other remnants.
  • Garden Waste Removal: For those of us who take pride in our gardens, contractors provide garden waste removal. They take care of foliage, tree limbs, bushes, and soil, ensuring your garden is pristine and primed for your next gardening endeavour.
  • Home Cleanouts: Life events often lead to home revamps. Whether it's downsizing, decluttering, or setting the stage for a relocation, contractors can step in, removing surplus items from residences.
  • Demolition Cleanup: Post-demolition scenes can be chaotic. But with professionals in tow, all debris is swiftly eradicated, offering a fresh start for upcoming projects.
  • Commercial Rubble Removal: Businesses aren't left out. Commercial rubble removal services aid businesses in sustaining tidy and hazard-free environments by discarding waste and rubbish.
  • In the heart of rubble removal in Edenvale, you can find several areas benefiting from these services. Among them are Acacia, Aloe Place, De Klerkshof, Eden Glen, Founders Hill, Greenstone Hill, Illiondale, Modderfontein, Sebenza, Thornhill Estate, and Waterstone Park.

Why Opt for Professional Rubble Removal in Edenvale

  • Efficiency: Armed with advanced equipment and a well-trained workforce, rubble removal professionals in Edenvale clear debris promptly, conserving your precious time and energy.
  • Safety: The process of dealing with rubble can be strenuous and fraught with risks. However, professionals possess the knowledge of correct methods to ensure safe removal.
  • Responsible Disposal: Being conversant with local laws and recycling facilities, contractors guarantee ethical and sustainable rubble disposal.
  • Adaptability: From construction remnants to garden waste, rubble removal services are diverse in their offerings.
  • Economical: While there's an associated price tag, the costs incurred when hiring professionals usually overshadow expenses tied to DIY methods, such as equipment leasing and petrol.
  • Peace of Mind: Engaging a professional means entrusting your property to an expert who'll execute the task diligently and meticulously.
  • Choosing expert rubble removal in Edenvale is a strategic move for anyone needing a clean and hazard-free space. From construction detritus to garden upkeep or household cleanouts, their expertise and resources are invaluable.
  • By selecting a professional rubble removal service, you're championing a neater and safer environment for your premises. So, for an immaculate and uncluttered space, don't think twice about consulting a rubble removal contractor in Edenvale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rubble removal in Edenvale?

Rubble removal in Edenvale refers to the process of clearing and disposing of various types of debris, such as construction waste, garden waste, and general clutter, from a property.

Why do I need rubble removal services in Edenvale?

Rubble removal services in Edenvale are essential to maintain a clean and safe environment, especially after construction, renovations, or landscaping projects.

What types of materials can be removed during rubble removal in Edenvale?

Rubble removal services in Edenvale can handle materials like bricks, concrete, wood, green waste, soil, and general household clutter.

Do I need to sort my rubble before hiring a removal service in Edenvale?

While sorting rubble can be helpful, many removal services in Edenvale are equipped to handle mixed materials. It's advisable to discuss your specific needs with the contractor.

Can I schedule a specific time for rubble removal in Edenvale?

Most rubble removal services in Edenvale offer flexible scheduling options. You can coordinate a convenient time with the contractor based on your requirements.

How do I prepare for a rubble removal service in Edenvale?

To prepare for rubble removal, ensure that the area is accessible and the debris is piled or placed in a designated spot for easy loading.

Is there a weight limit for rubble removal in Edenvale?

Weight limits may apply, depending on the service provider and the type of waste. It's important to discuss weight limits and disposal options with the contractor.

What happens to the rubble after removal in Edenvale?

After removal, the rubble is typically taken to a recycling facility or a landfill, depending on the type of waste and local regulations.

Are there any restrictions on the type of waste that can be removed in Edenvale?

Some hazardous materials and chemicals may have restrictions. It's crucial to inform the removal service about the type of waste you need to dispose of to ensure compliance.

Is it better to hire a professional for rubble removal in Edenvale, or can I do it myself?

Hiring a professional for rubble removal in Edenvale is often the best choice because they have the expertise, equipment, and disposal methods to ensure safe and efficient removal. It also saves you time and effort compared to a DIY approach.

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