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4.73 ★ from 32 reviews

Mr C  profile picture
Mr C
Carpenter, Handyman, Cabinet Maker +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Chamunorwa has done a lot of work on my property, and I am pleased with his service. He did cabinets, installation of ceiling, and other works around the house. He was punctual, and he did his work properly. He is trustworthy as I left him on my property to finish his work, and I did not miss anything. The price that he charges for his service is affordable, and I can recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Kedah Damisi  profile picture
Kedah Damisi
Carpenter, Handyman, Renovator +7 more
4 reviews
Usually 10.4km from Phoenix
I have been working with Tellmore for a long time. He installed floor tiles, kitchen tiles, ceilings, did plumbing repairs, roofing, paving and waterproofing on many of my projects. The quality of his work is excellent, he always come to work on time, and he makes sure he is always on site until the project is finished. He is professional, his quotes are reasonable and he knows his work. He works without supervision, he follows instructions and he finishes on the timelines the we agree. I don't have any problems with his work. I can recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Warren Boone  profile picture
Warren Boone
Carpenter, IT Support, Architect +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Warren did a couple of jobs for me which includes the installation of kitchen countertops, kitchen cupboards, and painting at my workplace in Richards Bay. He has extensive knowledge of his job and efficient. He is professional, reliable, and finished within the agreed time. He was hands-on and had a great team that he was working with. He is an excellent service provider, and I can recommend his services.
in Durban, Durban
sikelelwamkhize17@gmail.com  profile picture
Carpenter, Garden Services, Deck Specialist +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 17.8km from Phoenix
I always use Sikelewa to construct Wendy houses for me whenever I need them. He is always willing to help, does the work promptly, and delivers quality work. His prices are reasonable, he delivers according to specifications, and he is trustworthy. His work is neat, and I recommend him to others.
in Durban, Durban
Asima Hassan  profile picture
Asima Hassan
Carpenter, Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 18.2km from Phoenix
Asima is a great service provider, I got him online and I engaged him for installation of kitchen cupboards and he changed the covers for my couch. Upon receiving my request he responded timeously, his services was efficient and I was satisfied. He is affordable, he delivers his promise and I can gladly recommend his services.
in Durban, Durban
Alex Nicki  profile picture
Alex Nicki
Carpenter, Door Specialist, Deck Specialist +2 more
3 reviews
Usually 20.2km from Phoenix
He helped us to set up carpentry learning structures. His high level of professionalism is impressive. He sticks to his time frame and is realistic about his project management. He is a hard worker who is knowledgeable and committed to his work. He is skilled and can be trusted to start and finish a project within the agreed time. He kept me on the loop throughout the whole process, and I was satisfied. I can highly recommend his services.
in Durban, Durban
Persuade or Percy  profile picture
Persuade or Percy
Carpenter, Painter, Roofer +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 223.3km from Phoenix
He is multiskilled and he has done a lot of work for me. He is always there when I need him and when he is doing his work he is punctual. He did painting, roofing, building, and carpentry work. He can work without supervision. He is very efficient and reliable. Very trustworthy he could work alone at my house but would find everything fine. He is open for negotiations when it comes to pricing. I have been referring him to other people and I still recommend him.
in Durban, Durban
Zuki  profile picture
Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Kitchen Specialist +3 more
3 reviews
Usually 451.0km from Phoenix
His services are very affordable as I compared him to other carpenters and he was cheaper. He was always on time for work and he also cleaned up after he was done working. I trust him and I would recommend his services to other people.
in Benoni, Ekurhuleni
Louis  profile picture
Carpenter, Kitchen Specialist, Other +7 more
4 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Recent projects: Other, Cabinet Maker, Renovator, Carpenter, Door Specialist, Ceilings & Partitions Specialist, Painter, Plumber, Tiler
Of the three contractors I contacted Louis was the only one who kept his appointment. He offered valuable advise which carried through to the completion of the job.
in Durban, Durban
Rocky Chitewe  profile picture
Rocky Chitewe
Carpenter, Builder, Bathroom Specialist +7 more
3 reviews
Usually 17.9km from Phoenix
Recent projects: Bathroom Specialist, Blinds Specialist, Bricklayer, Handyman, Paver, Painter, Plumber, Carpenter, Tiler
Rocky is an excellent service provider, he has done a lot of work at my house and I was impressed with his work. He did tiling, plumbing, plastering and electrical installations. He did a splendid job, his workmanship is good and he was affordable. I can recommend him to anyone who requires his services anytime.
in Durban, Durban

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Benefits Of Getting A Wendy Houses

  • Most homeowners accumulate lots of things over the years. You’re collecting more and more stuff but your home isn’t getting any better. If you have extra items in your home that you can’t seem to find a place for then installing a wendy house is a great solution. They’re a great way to safely to store belongings that aren’t used every day.
  • Most wendy houses are moveable structures so if you change your mind and want it moved to a different part of the house that won’t be a problem. It’s also fairly easy to disassemble it so you can take it with you to a new home if you move.
  • Wendy houses are very customisable. You can have your wendy-house custom made to suit your needs. You can choose the windows and doors you would like, you can paint the wendy house any colour you like and yo can also select the type of roof you want.

Uses Of Wendy Houses

  • Play houses: You can use a wendy house as a dollhouse or playhouse for your kids to use when they want to play with their toys and have fun.
  • Dog kennels: If you prefer to not have your dogs sleep in your house, a wendy house can act like a dog kennel so your pets can have their own little home. Plus, they’re also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Garden sheds: Not only are wendy houses good for storing your garden tools and equipment but they also protect them from the elements so your tools and equipment will last longer.
  • Guard huts: If you have a security guard stationed in your home or n your street, you can accommodate them in a wendy house so they have their own space to work from and are not out in the blazing heat or icy cold.
  • Workstations: If you’re working from home and need an office or you enjoy DIY or carpentry work, a wendy house can be a great workspace away from interruptions from the main house.

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