welder hourly rate How Much Is A Welder Hourly Rate?

Average cost to hire a welder in South Africa R250 and R450 per hour

Determining the cost of a welding job without more information is tricky. There are numerous variables that can affect the cost. We’ve spoken to our top Kandua welding contractors to get an estimate of the average welder hourly rate. The average cost to hire a welder in South Africa is between R250 and R450 per hour.

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    Factors Affecting The Cost To Hire A Welder

    There are many things that can affect the cost to hire a welder – the type of welding required, the size of the welding project, the amount of labour needed for the project as well the materials and equipment needed.

    Labour Costs
    The most common way welders will bill you for labour is on a welder hourly rate. Welding contractors will break down your job and work out how many hours are needed and charge you accordingly. The other option although not as common is a flat rate, regardless of the job required. This is generally only the case for very standardised jobs. Jobs that don’t require a lot of manpower, additional materials and won’t have any unexpected costs creeping in.

    In order to do the job correctly, a welder will need to have the best possible equipment to ensure quality work. Most welding contractors already have the necessary equipment for any welder job – For example, gas, grinding wheels, sanding stones, but all of these will be reflected in the welder hourly rate that is charged.

    Materials Used
    The materials required for your welding job are potentially the most important cost factor of a welding job. The most obvious is the type of metal used – for example steel is half the price of aluminium or wrought iron so the choice of metal is a great cost affecting factor.  Additionally, there are also materials such wire or electrodes that must be included in the cost of the completed job.

    It goes without saying – the more experienced a welding contractor is, the higher the welder hourly rate will be. The knowledge accumulated by experienced welders means they get the job done faster and to a higher standard than junior welders. This knowledge and experience is very valuable and that’s why senior welders can charge more.

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    The Most Common Types Of Welding Projects

    Railings and gates
    When it comes to the cost of welding and installing gates and railing the three main things to consider are: the length of the railings or gates, the height you want the gate or railing to be as well as how intricate or simple the design will be. These factors will determine how much material and how much labour you need for your job, which impacts the welder hourly rate.

    Whether it’s new fencing or mending existing fencing, a welding contractor will be able to help you. Fencing can have both security and aesthetic functions for your home or office. That’s why we highly recommended finding the best welding contractor for the job.

    Building these larger outdoor structures like carports require quite a lot of solid, quality welding work to reinforce joints and frames. Building carports also require m more metal than most other welding jobs so the price to build one using metal as the main main material could be a little bit pricey.

    Security Features
    Installing and upgrading security features are the most common welding projects in South Africa. The safety features a welder would work on includes installing burglar bars plus attaching or repairing fire escapes on buildings.

    How To Hire The Best Welder For The Job

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