Swimming Pool Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Swimming Pool?

6 x 3 swimming pool from R75 000
7 X 4 swimming pool from R80 000
8 x 4 swimming pool from R90 000
10 x 5 swimming pool from R130 000
12 x 6 swimming pool from R140 000

*Please note these are estimates and may vary

You’ve wanted to build a swimming pool for a while now – summer days in the pool, braais with friends, cooling down on a hot day. Sounds great right?

The question on your mind is how much will it cost to build a swimming pool? We’ve spoken to the top swimming pool builders in South Africa to find out how much you’re in for when you build a swimming pool at home. Keep in mind the price of swimming pool will vary with different factors and a precise amount cannot be determined until a professional has reviewed the task – even then, unforeseen factors could always play a role.

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    The average cost to build a swimming pool in South Africa:


    The average cost ranges from R75 000 – R140 000. However, the size of the swimming pool, add-ons like pool lights, decks, and heating systems can also increase the swimming pool costs. Our top pool installation experts have given us a rough guide of the cost to build a swimming pool based on the most common sizes. 

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    Factors Affecting The Cost To Build A Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. They have different filter systems and cleaning techniques, which can affect the overall cost by having long term effects, all of these factors add up to impact the overall cost of building a swimming pool.


    Size of the pool


    When building a swimming pool, remember, the size of the pool should be in proportion to the size of your home. Large swimming pools require more labour, material and time which pushes the swimming pool installation price up.


    The shape of the pool


    Again, the shape of the pool should also be determined by the size and shape of the house. More complex pool will also once again result in more labour, material and time. If you have a long, narrow stretch of space available, it won’t make sense wit put in a wide kidney-shaped pool.


    Depth of the pool


    The depth of the pool is entirely up to you. If you are building a custom spec pool and want to install a diving board for instance you will need to build a deeper pool. This would involve more labour, material and time as well as have an effect on other factors such as the appropriate means of cleaning and filtration, thus leading to a overall increase the cost to build a swimming pool.


    Materials used


    If you have chosen to go with an inground pool – then you have the choice of three different materials – fibreglass, vinyl liner and concrete. Different materials will cost different amounts. Some may advantages over others but be more pricey. Each material has pros and cons. So make sure you consult with a swimming pool installation expert to choose the best option for you.

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    Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Repairs and maintenance of a swimming pool is something very important to consider. Before you build a swimming pool, consult with a pool installation and maintenance professional to find out the maintenance requirements involved for the different types of pools. This will also help you weigh up the options when choosing what kind of pool you want to install.


    If you have the time, it’s possible to perform a large portion of swimming pool maintenance yourself. Most people decide to hire a professional to do the job to save time and make sure it gets done right. You can get pool maintenance quotes from experts to perform regular swimming pool maintenance and cleaning.


    Regular pool maintenance is essential in preventing major issues down the line, for instance, cracked pools that need to be drained and resealed. This is something that should be taken into consideration when building a pool - the price of the pool is more than just the installation but the maintenance as well. If a pool is not maintained in good condition it could result in higher costs of repair. It is important to consult a pro, in order to understand how to correctly maintain a pool, the correct materials to use in the construction and to ensure the installation is done professionally in order to prevent repair fees coming into the equation in the future.


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